Primrose School of Burlington

The health and safety of our staff and the children entrusted to our care is our top priority. We are proud to maintain high standards of safety and cleanliness while maintaining a caring and nurturing environment where children can thrive.

Health & Safety Practices in Place

We follow all CDC, Board of Health and Department of Early Education and Care (EEC) guidelines for COVID safety and even exceed these in many areas including our sanitization equipment and practices.

Daily Operations

  • Social distancing is promoted at all times through our setup of chairs and tables, distancing of cots, limitations on number of children at a center and number of children on the playground at one time.
  • Only students and Faculty are allowed in the building. Parents drop off at the outside classroom doors. Except in case of an emergency – such as an urgent plumbing issue – no vendors are allowed in the building.
  • We continuously train Faculty on common signs of illness in children.

Cleaning Procedures

  • The building is professionally cleaned each evening with advanced COVID preventative standards including the use of our electrostatic backpack sprayer.
  • Throughout the day, all surfaces (tables, sinks, shelves, trashcans, doorknobs, light switches, thermometers, changing tables, toilets and toys used) are cleaned with soap and water solution then rooms are cleaned with an EPA-registered disinfectant solution and allowed to air dry.

Hygiene and Health Practices

  • Handwashing – we follow the CDC guidelines (posted at each sink) and wash hands several times a day on a schedule.
  • Resources and Supplies: Whenever possible, children are provided with personal supplies for their use. For example, each child will use crayons from a bag that is only accessible to them.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Faculty wear face masks at all times when in the building.
  • It is recommended that children over the age of 2 wear a mask while at school. This recommendation is to be followed at the discretion of parents.
  • Exceptions to the use of face masks include children under 2 and specific situations where the safety of the child dictates otherwise.

Parent Communication

  • We notify all parents of confirmed COVID-19 cases. We will continue our practice of notifying parents when there are diagnoses of other communicable diseases within the building.
  • We adhere to strict confidentially guidelines around these notifications. Under no circumstance can we disclose names.

Our Commitment

With a clear appreciation of the trust you place in us, we are committed to following the stringent Primrose health and safety protocols, and ensuring our school meets or exceeds the guidelines from local and state officials.

Girl washing her hands