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Creating a School-to-Home Connection

How we bring the classroom to your home.

We know that children learn best when the lessons they experience at school are reinforced at home. That’s why we strive to connect with your family and make you a part of your child’s learning experience through daily communication, at-home activities, access to classroom resources and more.

preschool child shaking a maracapreschool child shaking a maraca

Harmony & Heart®

The benefits of music for young children are undeniable, and at Primrose, we saw an opportunity to create a thoughtful program rooted in music and literature. With help from experts in education and music, we created the Harmony & Heart program — a unique approach that combines music and children’s literature in a variety of ways, so your child isn’t just learning about rhythm and melody; they’re also learning how to be dynamic thinkers, good listeners and kind people. Bring that same music your child knows and loves straight from the classroom to your home, the park or anywhere else!

Our Albums

You Belong - Single

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fall harmony and heart album cover with bejamin the bear

Harmony & Heart Fall Music Collection

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winter harmony and heart album featuring libby the lamb

Harmony & Heart Winter Music Collection

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spring harmony and heart album featuring billy the duck

Harmony & Heart Spring Music Collection

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summer harmony and heart album featuring ally the bunny

Harmony & Heart Summer Music Collection

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