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Franchise Owners of Primrose School Curt Van Emon
Curt and Rachel Van Emon
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Curt and Rachel Van Emon


Curt and Rachel Van Emon are the proud owners of the Primrose School of Burlington.

We are passionate about early childhood education and we are dedicated to positively impacting children's lives in a safe and nurturing learning environment.

As parents of two children, we understand the multitude of factors that are considered when weighing different childcare options. Known for its accredited Balanced Learning curriculum, caring and experienced faculty, and overall dedication to quality educational child care, Primrose Schools is consistently recognized as the leader in educational child care and we are excited to be part of the Primrose family.

The high standards of early childhood education offered at Primrose Schools is invaluable for taking advantage of brain development between 0-5 and we are so happy to be able to provide children with the care and education that will prepare them for future success in school and in life.

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