Primrose School of Livermore

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Welcome to
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Our teachers and caregivers are chosen for their passion for helping children achieve their full potential. We invite you to visit and see our Balanced Learning® approach in action.

Our Vision

Primrose Students
Tend to Outperform
Their Peers.

Find out how our time-tested Balanced Learning approach makes the difference.

Franchise Owner

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Neha and Piyoosh Jalan

Latest News

  • Pre-Registration for Infants through Kindergarten

    Looking for a preschool for your younger one this Fall?

  • Communication at Your Fingertips!

    Our Primrose 360Connect™ communication tool brings your child’s daily learning and classroom experiences directly to your fingertips every day

  • Skills to Teach Your Child Before They Ride a Bike

    Dr. Steve Sanders shares exercises that teach children the motor skills they need to ride a bicycle.

  • We're Under Construction

    We've finished framing and sheeting. Electrical pre-wire and dry wall will come next. Have you driven by the site lately to check out our progress!

  • School Director

    Meet our School Director Jessie Channey

  • Expert Series: Sunscreen Tips For Young Children

    As summer approaches, Dr. Laura Jana shares some helpful tips to keep your child protected from the sun while playing outside.

  • Understanding STEAM in Preschool Classrooms

    Science Technology Engineering Art Math (STEAM)

  • Family Referral Incentive Program

    Parent referrals for our school are greatly appreciated. We offer a Tuition Incentive to active families who refer new students to our school!!

  • Easy Ways to Teach Children About Conservation

    Help your child learn how to be environmentally friendly early on with these activities.

  • Our School Campus

    For more school renderings and construction pics please visit our school facebook page

  • The Importance Of A Child's First Five Years

    Watch this video to find out why first 5 years of a child is so important.

  • This Drumming Activity Teaches Your Child About Sound

    Expert Rob Sayer shares how making homemade drumsets can help a child develop a musical ear.

  • 4 Ways To Teach Your Child About Diversity

    DON'T worry about your child blurting out something embarrassing. It is perfectly normal for young children to speak out. Be prepared to answer.

  • Directions to Primrose School of Livermore

    Getting to the Primrose School of Livermore is Super Easy!

  • Primrose Students Donated 50,000 Books Last Month

    We are so proud of our Primrose students who donated over 50,000 of their favorite books to hospitals, foster homes, and community centers during Og's Bountiful Book Drive!

  • Understanding STEAM in Preschool Classrooms

    Science Technology Engineering Art Math educational expert Dr. Gloria Julius explains how these subjects work together to enrich your child's education.

  • The World is a Wondrous Place

    Our students are learning about diverse foods, dress and traditions as they 'travel around the world' throughout the month of September!

  • Science Fun: Making Crystal Geodes

    Science meets art in this simple experiment.

  • Happy Hearts: Building Courage by Making Friends with Monsters

    Happy Hearts: Building Courage by Making Friends with Monsters

We'd love for your family to meet ours.