Primrose School at Sonoma Ranch

Parent Testimonials

  • It is really hard for us to leave a school that we love so deeply and say goodbye. Primrose really does feel like an extended family us. We have never seen such lovely group of people who sincerely care about every single kid and their families. We are very grateful to all the teachers Talya have had at Primrose and to the owners, directors, and co-directors. There has not been a single day where she came home unhappy with her school, her friends, and her teachers. We have been very happy with our experience at Primrose at Sonoma Ranch, and would recommend without hesitation to any parent. You all are the best!

    Sedef and Ozgur C.


  • In 1997 my husband and I relocated to Charlotte N.C. I visited Primrose School at Park Crossing to see if there were any teaching positions available. When I walked into the school I was greeted so pleasantly and the school had a good feeling about it. Mr. Powell was the director at the time and he was so kind and had this positive vibe about him. Needless to say I was offered a teaching position and with out hesitation I accepted. I worked with them for about a year and we relocated to Greensboro N.C. Since I had a great experience with Primrose I found myself wanting to work there again. Then I met George and Joyce Brumback at Primrose School of Brassfield. Wow, I was so fortunate to work with such loving, caring and dedicated people. When the Brumback's opened their second school I was asked to transfer. So there I went to Primrose School of New Irving Park and what an honor it was! The experience to meet the corporate team and the support was amazing. Words couldn't describe how much I loved my job. To be a part of the Brumback's accomplishment was an honor! Then in 2001, my husband got a transfer to San Antonio TX. I knew there wasn't a Primrose at the time so I decided to continue my passion to teach and work for another preschool for 5 years. During this time I learned more about teaching and most rewarding I got the opportunity to become an assistant director. In March 2006, I found out about a Primrose that had just opened. Without hesitation, I found myself once again walking into another Primrose. As I walked in I remember meeting Monica Snow for the first time. She was very nice and the feeling I had was the same one I got at each Primrose. I felt this was my chance, I honestly had no idea what positions she was hiring for, I just wanted to be a part of ""The Primrose Family."" Later that week Terry and Monica Snow offered me the position for assistant director and I accepted! Here I'm 6 1/2 years later, it has been an amazing journey for my husband and I. I love everything about what I do and most rewarding who I do it with. Terry and Monica are outstanding people to work for and I'm so blessed to be a part of their lives. It gives me gratitude to know what I can do for the school and to hear how much I'm appreciated each day. This is why I heart Primrose!! KathyRosso Center Director

    Kathy R.


  • I am so blessed to have found Primrose at Sonoma Ranch. It was very difficult for me to go back to work and leave my 2 month old. The staff and infant teachers have helped to make me feel at ease. I know my daughter is safe and well cared for while I am at work and I am so thankful for her teachers. I would recommend Primrose at Sonoma Ranch without hesitation to any parent.

    Brandi F.


  • We have been at Primrose at Sonoma Ranch since they first opened when our daughter was 18 months old. We were impressed with the leadership at Primrose at Sonoma Ranch and we have not been disappointed for the past 6.5 years. Since that time, we also enrolled our son at Primrose at the age of 3 months old. Both of our children have severe peanut allergies and we have always felt that our children were safe at Primrose because of the extra care that the teachers take with allergic children. This past year, our son attended private kindergarten at Primrose because he missed the cut off date to enroll in public elementary school in Texas. We were not sure whether we would try to have our son repeat public kindergarten as his age required or test out of public kindergarten. We were a little unsure how he would do on the examination, but both of his kindergarten teachers at Primrose were great and they encouraged us to have him tested. It turns out he passed easily, scoring 98% in mathematics and 93% in language arts, well above the 85% necessary to qualify for acceptance into first grade. We are very grateful to all the teachers both of our children have had at Primrose and to the owners, directors, and co-directors. We have been very happy with our experiences at Primrose at Sonoma Ranch. Compared to other places, Primrose is not only well-organized and highly professional, but it also really has a heart and it has been a second home for our children.

    Renee Y. and Tom B.


  • I DO love Primrose Sonoma Ranch. The owners are no less than amazing-they know every child and parent by name, are always on top of every single issue, and sincerely care about the growth and development of all the children in the center. I have never once worried about either of my children because the teachers equally care about the children. The curriculum is first rate and because of it and the wonderful love given by the teachers, my children excel in every developmental milestone and have a love for learning that will last forever. I feel so blessed to have moved near a Primrose school and wish more parents were able to experience the type of care and education that Primrose provides. I recommend Primrose without hesitation!

    Mickey S.