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Primrose School of Plano at Deerfield

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  • Collin Child Magazine Best for Families - Moms & Babies Award for 2018

    Best for Families - Moms & Babies Award for 2018

    Collin Child Magazine has chosen Primrose Schools as the 2018 Best Preschool for Families - Moms & Babies! Thanks to all of our great current and former students & parents!

  • The Nagaraja/Shankaranarayana Family

    July Family of the Month

    We are very excited to be July’s family of the month!! Our family of five include Kartik, Sowmya, Misha, Mia and Milin. Milin who is 9 months old, is our newest addition to Primrose, he started with the infant class in May. Mia is in Older Toddler Class getting ready to transition to the next class as she just turned two. Misha started at Primrose in 2016, and now at the age of four is enjoying her time in Pre-Kindergarten. Sowmya works as a Business Analyst for the Bank of New York Mellon, and I work for Deloitte Consulting as a Senior Manager. Since I am in consulting, I unfortunately have to travel for work on a weekly basis, leaving early on Monday mornings and coming back late on Thursday evenings. This makes Sowmya be the sole-parent for majority of the week and is the one who drops and picks-up all three of them daily. As a family we enjoy traveling to different locations, both within the US and internationally. This has given us the opportunity to visit various countries, experience different cultures and eat random local food. Most recently, we went on a trip to the Bahamas, where we all swam with pigs and were kissed by dolphins!! It was truly a one of a kind experience, and a must try for all who go there. Misha, Mia and I ate a lot of conch, which is the local delicacy, and you can get in a salad, grilled or fried. Misha and Mia loves swimming and dancing. Misha has been dancing with Erica ever since she started here at Primrose, and Mia will be signing up this fall. They both have learnt to swim and really enjoy the hanging out in the water. Now that Milin can crawl around, he is to trying to climb up on all our furniture and open every cabinet he can get his hands on. He will soon join his sisters in the water and hopes to learn swimming too. Fun fact about us: Everyone in our family except Sowmya are die-hard Cowboys fans, whereas she likes the NY Giants. So during at least 2 games every season we are constantly arguing. We are grateful to the entire Primrose family. Not only are you providing our kids with an awesome education, but are helping them grow into strong individuals with the right morals. The adequate balance you portray of learning, fun and discipline is critical in making sure that our kids make the right choices as they grow up. Thank you again for everything you do, and for this great opportunity of being selected as the family of the month.

  • This photo is an image of our teacher Ms. Andrea

    July Apple of the Eye

    I was born and raised in Elkhart IN. I moved to Tx in 2015. I love the scenery! It’s beautiful out here. In my free time I love spending time with my fiancé, in laws and friends! I enjoy traveling a lot. We love having bbq’s at the lake and love watching the sun go down! My favorite part about the Dallas area would be how friendly everyone is and all the smiling faces. I have been working in child care for 5 years. I love working with children! I believe it takes a special person to bond with each child in their own way for that child to thrive in school and in their everyday life. My goal everyday is to make sure my students feel safe and loved. I really enjoy teaching! It’s a true blessing to work for This school and to be able to impact the lives of many children! It’s so amazing being able to bond with my students. I love what I do!

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