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Katie DeSciose


Meet Katie DeSciose, proud Franchise Owner of Primrose School at Falling Waters. A life-long advocate of education, Katie is excited to bring the Primrose Experience of premier early education and care to families in the Omaha area.

As a former teacher and school administrator, Katie found herself looking for the next step in her career in which she could continue to provide a quality education and a bright future for children. Already familiar with Primrose Schools, Katie realized that the Primrose core values and goals aligned with her own. Like Primrose, Katie wanted to make a difference in the lives of local children and their families by offering high quality education practices paired with a strong character development program. She was especially drawn to the focus Primrose places on development of the whole child.

“One of the aspects that drew me to Primrose is that they prepare children both for learning and for life,” said Katie. “Beyond academics, which are very important, Primrose also emphasizes that who children become is just as important as what they know. Primrose understands that character development is so essential to having a happy life and maximizing one’s potential.”

Katie graduated from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln with a degree in elementary education. She later graduated from Creighton University with a Master’s degree in elementary administration. In her spare time, she enjoys volunteering for several organizations that help children. She serves as a mentor for local students, fundraises scholarship money for low income students and volunteers with at-risk expectant mothers.

Katie will be heavily involved in the school’s day-to-day operations. She is a strong believer in solid family partnerships and thoroughly enjoyed working with students and families at her former school. Supporting current and prospective Primrose parents is something she looks forward to as the Franchise Owner of the Primrose School at Falling Waters.

“Research shows that great things happen for children when there is a supportive relationship between both home and school. My goal is for our school to form dynamic partnerships with the families of our students, and it will be a privilege to play a key role in introducing parents to all that Primrose has to offer.”

Primrose School at Falling Waters will feature theBalanced Learning approach in infant through Pre-Kindergarten classrooms. This research-informed approach is developed and taught exclusively at Primrose Schools and blends purposeful play with nurturing guidance from teachers to encourage curiosity, creativity, confidence and compassion. The Primrose Explorers before- and after-school program will also be available for students up to age 12.

Primrose School at Falling Waters is located on 6625 S. 193rd Avenue. For more information,

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  • boy and girl hugging

    More Than a Daycare

    Our Balanced Learning approach to child care makes us different than an ordinary Omaha daycare. Right down the road from Bellbrook Community Park and Reeder Elementary School, we are conveniently located on 193rd Avenue.

  • children sitting around teacher

    Programs for Any Age

    Infant, Toddler, Early preschool, Preschool, Pre-kindergarten, After school, Summer adventure club

  • julian

    Spirit Day

    The votes are in, Chiefs for the win! Spirit day fun! It is so great to see everyone's favorite teams. We hope everyone has a wonderful weekend rooting for their favorite team! #primroseproud

  • Og

    Og’s Bountiful Books: Teaching Children to Love Reading

    Literacy is at the core of our Balanced Learning® curriculum. Our Primrose students develop a love of books by reading in their classrooms every day and share this love with their community through events like Og’s Bountiful Book Drive. Check out our blog for how you can encourage this passion for reading at home!

  • anniversary

    Happy Anniversary

    Happy 1st Anniversary, Ms. Kastl & Ms. Darby! We appreciate your hard work and dedication to our school. We appreciate you so much and are so happy you are part of our PSFW Family!

  • dentist

    February is National Children's Dental Health Month! Today our students had a special visit from Smile Station Pediatric Dentistry. We learned all about how to clean our teeth to keep our smiles looking happy and healthy! Thanks so much, Dr. Matt! 🦷🪥 #primroseproud

  • snow

    We have been taking advantage of the warmer weather by getting outside to play! Today, PreK Students had a blast making snow angels, sliding down snow drifts, and soaking in the sun! 🌞❄️😁 #primroseproud

  • muffins

    Today our PreK classes had a "sweet time" during Small Group Math! They made muffins while identifying more and less, learning to help prepare nutritious snacks and meals, and using comparative vocabulary when measuring capacity. Teachers used comparative and measurement vocabulary with the children in addition to sequence and order vocabulary! After all their hard work, they got to enjoy the muffins for afternoon snack! #primroseproud

  • valentine

    Happy Valentine's Day

    Happy Valentine’s Day! Today is the perfect time to spread love and joy to those around you. Share this valentine from the Primrose Friends to make someone's day! 💌💕

  • black history

    Black History Month

    At Primrose, we are honoring the achievements and sacrifices of important figures in Black history. Recognizing the diversity found throughout history reflects our commitment to fostering belongingness in our schools every day.

  • Og

    Happy Birthday Og!

    Today is Og's birthday! Our bookworm friend teaches Primrose students the importance of caring for others every day. One of the ways you can teach your little one about the importance of caring is by modeling compassionate behavior like Og. Read our blog for more tips!

  • lunar

    Lunar New Year

    Lunar New Year is here! This holiday begins on the first new moon of the lunar calendar and is celebrated by many East and Southeast Asian cultures. We are celebrating the Lunar New Year at Primrose with make-believe paper lanterns and talking about what our wishes are for the new year.

  • belly laugh

    Belly Laugh Day

    Today is National Belly Laugh Day! We celebrated by giggling and laughing all day long. It has been scientifically proven that laughter can be contagious. Laughter is a sound that does not have any language, just happiness. #primroseproud

  • ground hog

    Happy Og Day!

    Great news! Our Ground "Og" didn't see his shadow this morning so we are expecting an early Spring! 🌞🌻 🌷🌸🌞

  • hugging

    National Hugging Day

    What better way to spread some joy than with a big hug! We celebrated National Hugging Day by expressing our friendship with big hugs among our friends! #primroseproud

  • schrader

    January Family of the Month

    Congratulations to the Schrader Family who is our January Family of the Month! When we asked them what they love about Primrose School at Falling Waters they said, "For nearly five years, we have been sending our children to Primrose School at Falling Waters. Now that baby #3 is enrolled there, we continue to be amazed by the enthusiasm, kindness, compassion and skill the teachers and staff have shown to our family. We believe that early childhood education is an absolutely critical component for a child's future success. Watching our oldest excel in Kindergarten socially, emotionally and mentally leaves no doubt that our investment in birth to five education was the best decision we could make. Thank you to the Falling Waters staff for the attention to detail and the insurmountable patience it takes to provide high-quality, evidenced-based care; the future of our children is brighter because of you all." Thank you to the Schrader family for those kind words and being a part of our family here at Primrose School at Falling Waters. We love watching Mack, Noah and Sullivan learn and grow each day! #primroseproud

  • birthday

    Happy 7th Birthday PSFW!!

    We are celebrating our 7th birthday today! We feel so much gratitude to our families, teachers, and leaders--past and present--who have always been the real heartbeats of our school. We are better because YOU were here!

  • MLK

    Martin Luther King Jr. Day

    "Intelligence plus character—that is the goal of true education." – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Today our Primrose students are honoring the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by learning about Dr. King’s bravery and compassion and talking about ways they can be courageous like him.

  • police

    Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

    Our students recognized this day as a day of thanks to all those that have served or are currently serving as a first responder. We thank you for your service and dedication to our community. To give back, we made cards and crafts to deliver to our local police stations. Also, we know many worked long shifts the last two days making sure everyone was safe, thank you!! #primroseproud

  • new year

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year from all of us at PSFW! #primroseproud

  • infant

    Today in our Infant classrooms it was all about circles and sizes! Our infants explored different circular objects while teachers lead conversation about the sizes. Teachers focused on words such as small, medium and large while engaging the infants. They worked on small motor skills with stacking and nesting toys. #primroseproud

  • Billy

    Happy Birthday Billy!

    Happy early birthday, Billy! Our music-loving friend teaches us how we can make and keep promises to our friends and family. See how Billy's friends did a great job keeping their promise to throw him an amazing birthday party with a freshly baked cake! For tips on how to help your child keep their promises, visit our blog.​

  • new year

    Happy New Year

    2024 is finally here, and with it comes fun opportunities for your little one to learn ways they can be responsible. Read our blog to see how making a New Year's resolution can help your child build important life skills.

  • hartlee

    This week, our Preschool students have been exploring solids and liquids! Today, for Project Time, they read the book Decorating a Vase by Jodi Keller, after which they created their own vases. They were able to mix water and glue to see the changes in the liquids. They talked about how both liquids and solids changed during this great lesson! #primroseproud

  • Hanukkah

    Early childhood education research suggests that it is important to focus on celebrating diversity throughout the year, especially around the holidays. One way of celebrating is through literacy. Today, our students read books celebrating Hanukkah and talked about embracing all of our friends' traditions. Our Primrose puppets even got in on the action! Happy Hanukkah! #primroseproud

  • Brabec family

    December Family of the Month

    Congratulations to the Brabec Family who is our December Family of the Month! When we asked them what they love about Primrose School at Falling Waters they said, “We absolutely adore the staff and teachers at Primrose. Our boys are so proud to talk about their school and they get very excited whenever they see the Primrose logo! Our family continues to choose Primrose because our boys are truly excelling, and we’ve seen tremendous improvements in their learning and more importantly we feel safe leaving our most precious beings with their staff. Primrose has truly been a game-changer for our little family!” Thank you to the Brabec family for those kind words and being a part of our family here at Primrose School at Falling Waters. We love watching Ford & Owen learn and grow each day! #primroseproud

  • Texture

    This week our Early Preschool and Toddler classrooms have been exploring textures! They have been learning about and comparing the different textures such as soft, hard, rough, bumpy and smooth. Today our Early Preschool 1 classroom incorporated these textures by using soft and rough pom-poms and gluing them on smooth or bumpy paper. They also have had all different textures to explore within their sensory bin all week! Our Toddler classroom made "bumpy roads" with paint and trucks! #primroseproud

  • Ms. Johnson

    Apple of Our Eye

    Congratulations to this month's Apple of our Eye, Ms. Johnson! Ms. Johnson truly embodies our Primrose Principles of Service. She approaches each day with joy through her positive interactions with others. She connects sincerely with her students, families, and co-workers. She brings a positive attitude to work each day and always has a smile on her face. She demonstrates ownership of her work and exhibits excellent classroom management. We are so lucky to have Ms. Johnson as part of our team!

  • Edwards Family

    November Family of the Month

    Congratulations to the Edwards Family who is our November Family of the Month! When we asked them what they love about Primrose School at Falling Waters they said, “The Primrose School at Falling Waters teachers and staff show our daughter so much love and care! They treat her as if she's one of their own children. I feel confident she is learning and developing skills in a nurturing social environment that she will carry with her as she grows up.” Thank you to the Edwards family for those kind words and being a part of our family here at Primrose School at Falling Waters. We love watching Sloane learn and grow each day!

  • working parent day

    Happy Working Parents Day

    Happy Working Parents Day! Working parents inspire us to work our hardest every day. We appreciate all that you do and we hope that you enjoyed the Grab-N-Go breakfast this morning.

  • Summer Harmony & Heart Music Series Now Available!

    Harmony and Heart Summer Music Series is available now! Check out our Facebook for more details!

  • Graduation

    Graduation Day!

    Simply the Best...the words from the iconic Tina Turner song were on my mind last night on the evening of her passing. They seemed to be very fitting for PreK Graduation and an evening celebrating many BESTS. The Water's Edge Church has been the best neighbors to us, opening up their beautiful church with nothing but hospitality and generosity for our Graduation. We thank our families for trusting us with the education and care of these amazing children and showing daily cooperation toward all our endeavors. We are better because YOU were here. Our amazing PreK teaching team of Ms. Johnson and Ms. Martin, prepared our graduates for Kindergarten with unparalleled passion and skill, and they represent all that so honorable in the teaching profession. Our Leadership Team makes LIFE happen and keeps all the balls in the air for everyone and everything. They are the hardest working people you will ever meet and, like all unsung heroes, it mostly happens with little recognition. It has been a privilege to watch our PreK graduates grow up. They have worked hard this year, grown in many ways, and made us laugh at some point during each day. They are the REASON for all we do. So, was I right? SIMPLY THE BEST...they certainly are! #primroseproud

  • Bender

    March Family of the Month

    Congratulations to the Bender Family who is our March Family of the Month! When we asked them what they love about Primrose School at Falling Waters they said, "We are extremely honored to be named as the Family of the Month at Primrose School at Falling Waters. Jen and myself are very proud parents of a beautiful 4 ½ year old little girl named Ruby, aka Rooster. As parents who will not settle for anything but the absolute best for our Rooster Girl, we were thrilled to learn that a school like this existed, and it was also only about 3 miles from our house! Primrose School at Falling Waters has positively impacted, changed and bettered our daughter's life in so many ways. For that, we are extremely grateful, and Primrose will forever have a very special place in our hearts. After meeting with the Director and touring the school, we immediately knew that Primrose was the place for us and our Ruby. Our goal was to find a Pre-K setting that would best prepare Ruby for Kindergarten, which she will be attending this upcoming August. Prior to attending Primrose, Ruby spent her days at home with her mom, Jen, since she is a stay-at-home mom. While this was a huge blessing, it also meant that Ruby did not have near the amount of peer interactions that other children her age received by attending school prior to Pre-K. Any concern we had about this went away immediately after her first day at Primrose. Drop off went better than we had imagined (it was much harder on me for sure) and when we picked Ruby up at the end of the day, she was full of joy and excitement and was already looking forward to coming back the following day. She had made so many new friends, learned new things and instantly fell in love with her teachers. One teacher in particular, Mrs. Martin, has made a huge impression on Ruby, and has greatly impacted her life. The fondness and love they have for each other is heartwarming and obvious. This is also true of all the staff members at Primrose. I can honestly say that we have never had a negative experience. Every single staff member is consistently pleasant, kind, informative, helpful and caring. We know, without a doubt, that Ruby is prepared and excited to start Kindergarten this year. She has also blossomed into an amazing, outgoing, very intelligent, rule abiding, pleasant little girl. We owe so much of this to this amazing school that we feel is truly the best there is! Our final day at Primrose will be a sad day, without a doubt. The incredible things you have done for our family and our Rooster Girl will never be forgotten. Forever grateful, The Bender Family – Rodney, Jen, Rooster, Tate, Jadyn, Bryn, Reese and Crew – and also Merle, Millie and Itsy!! Thank you to the Bender family for those kind words and being a part of our family here at Primrose School at Falling Waters. We love watching Ruby learn and grow each day! #PrimroseProud

  • Hudnut

    February Family of the Month

    Congratulations to the Hudnut Family, who is our February Family of the Month! When asked what they love about Primrose School at Falling Waters they said, "After our recent move to Elkhorn we were searching for the best school that would be the best fit for our son Jack to start his preschool journey. Luckily, our friends guided us to Primrose! From our first tour we found an attentive, transparent, and well organized staff. Our teachers have made Jack feel welcome and included. The communication throughout the day is so helpful. We love the thoughtful curriculum in the classroom provided even to the youngest kiddos. Navigating new schools is overwhelming, luckily we found Primrose and we couldn't be happier with our choice!" Thank you Hudnut family for those kind words and for being a part of our family here at Primrose School at Falling Waters. We love watching Jack learn and grow everyday!

  • family

    January Family of the Month

    Congratulations to the Kaiser Family who is our Family of the Month! When asked what they loved about Primrose School at Falling Waters they said, "When looking into daycare options 5 years ago, it was important to find somewhere in development and education. When we found Primrose School at Falling Waters we found a match. We loved that from infancy, our kids were learning! They know basic sign language, eat a variety of foods, and are always engaging in developmental activities based on their age to prepare them for the future. We are amazed how much our kids learn, and we're so thankful for the Primrose staff that have helped them become who they are today. It also helps that our kids love their teachers. We talk about them daily and usually have to play "school" to recreate the things they learn during the day. We're forever thankful for Primrose School at Falling Waters." Thank you to the Kaiser Family for those kind words and being a part of our family here at Primrose School at Falling Waters. We love watching Brigham and Maddox learn and grow each day!

  • Nickel

    Family of the Month

    Congratulations to the Nickel Family who is our October Family of the Month! When asked what they love about Primrose School at Falling Waters they said, "We love Primrose and and all that you offer. It's important to my husband and I that Elizabeth is in a learning environment full of opportunities, and most important, that she is somewhere safe. I love that we see the same friendly faces at drop off and pick up every day. It's clear that your staff love what they do and love working at Primrose. Thank you for all that you do!" Thank you Nickel Family for those kind words and being a part of our family here at Primrose School at Falling Waters. We love watching Elizabeth learn and grow each day!

  • Ritterbush

    Family of the Month

    Congratulations to the Ritterbush Family who is our Family of the Month! When asked what they loved about Primrose School at Falling Waters they said, "We really appreciate the educational curriculum that's implemented at Primrose. During our son's first Kindergarten parent-teacher conference, his teacher commented on how well prepared he was to begin school. We also appreciate the care that's been provided to our children. It's nice to drop them off and feel confident that they are safe and well cared for." Thank you Ritterbush Family for those kind words and being a part of our family here at Primrose School at Falling Waters.

We'd love for your family to meet ours.