Primrose School of Braselton

Our Staff

  • Amanda Holcomb, Area Director

    Amanda Holcomb

    Area Director

    Our Area Director, Amanda Holcomb, has been with Primrose Schools since 2002! Mrs. Amanda started her journey as the Lead Teacher of the Early Preschool class at our Gainesville school, and then served as the Operations Director for over 8 years. In 2012, she was promoted to Area Director. Amanda is married and has a son, Carson, who is a Class of 2022 high school graduate. Carson attended the Primrose School of Gainesville since he was 6 weeks old. He was a 2009-2010 Private Kindergarten graduate. Amanda is a true asset to all of our schools.

  • Heather Couch, Director

    Heather Couch


    Mrs. Heather Couch has been with Primrose Schools for over 20 years and she got her start as the Lead Teacher in our Early Preschool classroom at our Buford location. She does an outstanding job teaching our little ones and developing their love for school. She also the terrific mom of Landon, Beth, and Mackenzie. We are happy to have her at our Primrose School of Braselton leadership team as Director.

  • Britni Hall, Education Director

    Britni Hall

    Education Director

    My name is Britni Hall, and I am the Director of Education for the Primrose School of Braselton. I was born and raised in South Carolina, where I received my Bachelor's in Early Childhood Education. I've taught in both private and public school settings. I was a classroom teacher for 10 years, and taught Kindergarten through third grade. The last two years of teaching Kindergarten I completed graduate school and earned my Master's of Psychology, so that I could better understand and reach my students/families.

    I relocated to Commerce, GA this past summer, and I love being in the area! I currently live with my husband, my bonus son, and our Infant son. I most recently worked as an Assistant Director of a childcare center where I live, but curriculum is one of my passions so I was very excited to become a part of your Primrose family.

  • Brooke Lutterbaugh, Assistant Director

    Brooke Lutterbaugh

    Assistant Director
  • Yomira Ramirez, Assistant Director

    Yomira Ramirez

    Assistant Director
  • Mely Bermudez, Office Assistant

    Mely Bermudez

    Office Assistant
  • Kapree Cozart, Infant Lead Teacher

    Kapree Cozart

    Infant Lead Teacher
  • Abigail Carter, Infant Assistant Teacher

    Abigail Carter

    Infant Assistant Teacher
  • Brooke Mayberry, Infant Assistant Teacher

    Brooke Mayberry

    Infant Assistant Teacher
  • Rosa Avila, Toddler Lead Teacher

    Rosa Avila

    Toddler Lead Teacher
  • Brittany Wood, Toddler Lead Teacher

    Brittany Wood

    Toddler Lead Teacher
  • Isabelle Tafoya, Toddler Assistant Teacher

    Isabelle Tafoya

    Toddler Assistant Teacher
  • Brittney Rider, Toddler Assistant Teacher

    Brittney Rider

    Toddler Assistant Teacher
  • Gabrielle Nolan, Toddler Assistant Teacher

    Gabrielle Nolan

    Toddler Assistant Teacher
  • Abigail Harrell, Early Preschool Assistant Teacher

    Abigail Harrell

    Early Preschool Assistant Teacher
  • Erynn Dunbar, Early Preschool Lead Teacher

    Erynn Dunbar

    Early Preschool Lead Teacher
  • Beth Couch, Early Preschool Assistant Teacher

    Beth Couch

    Early Preschool Assistant Teacher
  • Emma Dowdle, Early Preschool Assistant Teacher

    Emma Dowdle

    Early Preschool Assistant Teacher
  • Keriah Blackwell, Early Preschool Assistant Teacher

    Keriah Blackwell

    Early Preschool Assistant Teacher
  • Madison Sims, Preschool Pathways Lead Teacher

    Madison Sims

    Preschool Pathways Lead Teacher
  • Shayleigh Schultz, Preschool Pathways Assistant Teacher

    Shayleigh Schultz

    Preschool Pathways Assistant Teacher
  • Tiara Staten, Preschool Lead Teacher

    Tiara Staten

    Preschool Lead Teacher
  • Katie Cooper, Preschool Assistant Teacher

    Katie Cooper

    Preschool Assistant Teacher
  • Rebecca Pierce, Preschool Lead Teacher

    Rebecca Pierce

    Preschool Lead Teacher
  • Hannah Carter, Preschool Assistant Teacher

    Hannah Carter

    Preschool Assistant Teacher
  • Kemyria Blackwell, Preschool Assistant Teacher

    Kemyria Blackwell

    Preschool Assistant Teacher
  • Jessica Rampley, Private Pre-Kindergarten Assistant Teacher

    Jessica Rampley

    Private Pre-Kindergarten Assistant Teacher
  • Megan Akin, Private Pre-Kindergarten Lead Teacher

    Megan Akin

    Private Pre-Kindergarten Lead Teacher
  • Samantha Austin, Pre-Kindergarten Assistant Teacher

    Samantha Austin

    Pre-Kindergarten Assistant Teacher
  • Autumn Ford, Explorers Club Lead Teacher

    Autumn Ford

    Explorers Club Lead Teacher
  • John and Jenifer McKnight, Franchise Owner

    John and Jenifer McKnight

    Franchise Owner

    The Primrose School of Braselton is independently owned and operated by Jenifer and John McKnight. The McKnight's also own and operate the Primrose Schools of Buford and Gainesville.All three schools are accredited by Cognia, a high distinction very few preschools can attain. They have been Primrose owners for over 21 years. The McKnight's were a Primrose family long before they became Primrose owners. Before joining the Primrose Family, John enjoyed a long and successful career as a Broadcast Journalist at both WSB and WGNX-TV in Atlanta. John has been honored with numerous journalism awards, including Emmy's and AP awards. He has also been honored for his long and active commitment to the community. Jenifer is a graduate of Georgia State University, and she previously worked as a writer, producer, and reporter at WGNX-TV in Atlanta. Jenifer and John have two children, Sean and Caitlin who grew up in Primrose Schools. John also has two older children, Jonathan and Andy. Jonathan has three children, Anna, Matthew, and Evelina. Anna and Matthew are also proud former Primrose students. Jenifer has served as the Advisory Council Chairperson representing all Primrose Schools. John has served as the Co-op representative for the Atlanta market, and even helped create it. The McKnight's are also the winners of the President’s Award! This high honor was awarded by the Primrose Schools Franchising Company for the outstanding reputation of the school, their commitment to the franchise organization, and to the communities they serve. They have also been honored each year for having schools that contribute among the highest in the system to the Primrose Children's Foundation through our annual Spring Fling Carnivals. All three of their schools serve as On Site Training Schools for new franchisees. The McKnight's are thrilled to bring Primrose Excellence to the Braselton community.

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