Primrose School of West Plano

Parent Testimonials

  • When I first enrolled Leila in preschool, it was a challenge for both of us cause we were used to being around each other all the time, especially since we moved a lot and were not continuously in touch with other family members. I knew preschool would be good for her and would contribute significantly to her mental, social and physical development. What I did not know is that preschool could be a home away from home. And of course when I say preschool, I don’t mean any preschool, I specifically mean Primrose. Anybody who knows me knows how over-protective and concerned I always am. And despite spending more-than-necessary time with Leila at school to accustom both of us to spending so much time apart, the staff and teachers at the Primrose School of West Plano were patient and cooperative until I was ready to let go. During the first six months of Leila’s enrollment, I’d literally call every single day after nap to make sure she’s having a good day and got the rest she needed, and while I would’ve gone crazy having to constantly deal with the same phone call (had I been in their shoes), I was welcomed by each and every one and was given thorough details on how she’s doing. Very rarely can you find a preschool where consistency and predictability are fixed traits. If you’re a Primrose parent, you probably know that the quality of everything offered by Primrose (i.e. education, extra-curricular activities, food, cleanliness and teachers) is what makes Primrose a home away from home. And despite everything I just told you about my over-protectiveness and obsession with every detail of Leila’s daily schedule, Primrose gave me the time and space I needed to let go without ever making me feel like I was a little over-board (though I obviously was!). Leila has flourished in every possible way since she became a Primrose student last December. She enjoys being around her teachers and friends that not only does she ask about them on weekends but she sometimes cries when I pick her up from school! Thank you Primrose for partnering with me in Leila’s overall development, and for helping me become a better parent!

    Dina A


  • Our son has been attending Primrose for a little over a month. He is about to be 2 and was home with a Nanny since he was born. His vocabulary has significantly grown since he has been there as he is learning so much from the teachers and other kids around him. He is really enjoying it and we love all the different programs and activities they offer. Never a dull moment! Thanks for taking such good care of our little man!

    Kelly R


  • Our daughter Ava started at Primrose at 15 months old. We visited numerous day cares to determine what would be the best fit for Ava's growth and development. While other day cares had a good story to tell, none of them offered the complete package like Primrose. During our tour, we were impressed by the student to teacher ratio, structured curriculum, and commitment to the children's development. What you can't put in a brochure is the genuine friendliness of the staff and the relationships that are formed not only with the children but with the parents as well. You can feel the warmth as soon as you walk in. We are extremely proud of the decision we made to enroll Ava at West Plano Primrose. The teachers and staff are focused on her happiness, well-being, and progress. We are very thankful that Ava is exposed to such a wonderful environment.

    Nicole D


  • Primrose West Plano has been a wonderful place for our daughter to attend. There are so many things I can say that I think make this place great. From taking my daughter in the morning so she wont cry when I have to leave for work to working with our schedules during the summer, they are awesome. The thing that stands out to me most was when they called to check on my daughter after her surgery. From things like that to the things they do everyday I truly feel like they care about my little girl. Thank you Primrose of West Plano!

    Robert S


  • We are so happy that we picked Primrose. As a first time mom, I was very anxioius about leaving my 9 week old & going back to work. The school made me feel so comfortable & as my baby grew it became apparent how much he loved Primrose too. Seeing my child develop special bonds with the teachers makes me at peace during the day knowing he's being well taken care of. The school does such a great job helping my son grow by reading books, art, music, teaching manners, etc... When people comment that my son is advanced I just say, "he's goes to a really good school." I'm a big time perfectionist - but no complaints about Primrose, only high praises!



  • In the nearly 10 months that my son has been at Primrose, we have watched him develop and hit early milestones - and we know that his teachers were a large part in his achievements. We are excited to watch as he continues to grow and thrive everyday in such a nuturing atmosphere with a fun, structured learning curriculum. It's been an exciting journey watching him grow as he develops relationships with the staff and his friends.

    Cherie B