Primrose School of Sugar Land

Parent Testimonials

  • Both of our children attend Primrose. Our daughter has been there since she was a 4 month old. The ladies in the baby room are absolutely amazing. They know what they are doing and I could tell they truly cared about my baby. This was especially important for me since she was my first baby and I was extra worried. Her baby teachers were always so helpful and would give me advice on when to start her first foods or what would work for a diaper rash. As she grew up and transitioned classrooms, she would have problems with the transition, but both the director and owner were flexible and let her spend some time in the morning with her previous teacher until she was okay to move. She is now in pre-kindergarten and has had problems transitioning again, her teacher is awesome and has talked to me about her behavior, both her teacher and I have been working on that together. Our son has been in Primrose since he was 3 months old. This time it was a lot easier to leave him since we know his teachers in the baby room already and he has been doing great. Unfortunately we need to leave the country and need to leave Primrose, but we have to say we absolutely love the school and the staff, this school deserves an A+!!!

    Berenice A.


  • Six years ago when we began our search for the perfect childcare in preparation for the arrival of our first born, our decision to choose Primrose was based on our first impression and how we felt after our brief tour. It wasn't until after we became part of the Primrose family that we realized (and appreciated) what an AWESOME decision we had made! As new parents, we thought we were looking for ""childcare."" However, what we got is an incredible educational foundation for our children. Education starts the day your child walks into Primrose. Even the infants follow a curriculum, and the results are truly amazing! Learning is FUN at Primrose School of Sugar Land, not work. Our son has now graduated from Primrose's Pre-K and has moved on to Kindergarten in the public school, but we still have a daughter enjoying Early Preschool at Primrose School of Sugar Land. Nothing makes a parent feel better than hearing your child say, ""Yay! I get to go to school today!"" The staff become your extended family, keeping you abreast of all those exciting details of your child's day....especially during those few years when your little one can't tell you himself! Primrose has been an exceptional experience for our family while providing positive ""first memories"" for our children.

    Nicole and Mark P.


  • I am the very proud father of a 4 1/2 year old daughter, Charlotte and twin 1 1/2 year old boys, Austin and Bowie. My children have all attended Primrose in Sugar Land since there were spots available in the infant room. I come from generations of teachers and am constantly amazed at what the staff there is able to accomplish with my children. Primrose has afforded my children the opportunity to develop far in advance of many children their age. My wife works in an office and I am outside all day long. On my way home I pick up all three children every day, bring them home and make sure they are loved fed, bathed, read to and put to sleep. This is just like any parent out there. I wholeheartedly love and adore the staff at Primrose and trust them with my children every day. My special thanks to the girls in the infant room who coached me on raising an infant who did not sleep through the night until she was 6 months old. To miss Lisa who helps out our family above and beyond what her normal job entails. Miss Andy who helped me through my daughters more temperamental times. Miss Laura and Miss Margaret who have become kinda like Aunts who keep a close eye on all three of my kids as much as they look after every one of the students here. And Miss Lanell who keeps everything going on a daily basis. The ladies up front will always let me know if there is something going on out of the ordinary, will let me know immediately if there is something wrong and somehow knows how my kids are developing and the cute things that they do. Sometimes the kids are having a rough day Lanell, Margaret and Laura will always step in with a firm word when needed or a kind word and love when needed as it is more often.

    J.R. T.


  • "Both of our sons have attended Primrose School of Sugar Land, our oldest started at 3 and stayed thru 1st grade for after school care (4 years) and our youngest is almost 3 years old has attended since he was 7 weeks old. We love the school, the teachers, the administrators and the owners! The school is so friendly, cheerful and clean, I know that I can leave my children while I have to go to work and they are well taken care of by the wonderful people there. The meals served are nutritious and there is a good variety so the kids don't get bored with the snacks and lunches. There are other child care businesses closer to our home but we LOVE Primrose of Sugar Land so much that we drive a little out of our way to take our youngest there. Even on days when he has the ""I don't want to's"", he gets there and the teachers always show such love and affection for him and that he is immediately okay. Whatever was bothering him is forgotten! Primrose School of Sugar Land is the BEST!! "

    Jennifer S.


  • Primrose has always worked diligently to create a safe and secure environment for my child where he can learn and explore the world around him. They have fostered his curiosity by introducing him to new and exciting parts of life. Primrose's high expectations and impeccable core values are mirrored in the education my son has, is, and will continue to receive.

    Jonathan W.


  • After a negative experience at another daycare, I was thrilled to find Primrose of Sugar Land. My son has been a student here for almost three years now, and everyone from the administration down to the teacher aides are wonderful, engaged, and truly care about the children. The curriculum and student activities are focused on development, and the results are evident. My son has exceeded all of his educational benchmarks, and my pediatrician has even commended me on his behavior, vocabulary and motor skills. I am confident that Lisa Cameron, Lanell Fruge and the entire Primrose Sugar Land staff have contributed to those achievements, and I am honored to have them in my corner.

    Leslie E.