Primrose School of Stone Brooke

Parent Testimonials

  • When we relocated to McKinney in November, we were a bit nervous about how our son - a very shy 3 year old - would fare in a brand new school. But since the beginning, the Primrose staff, especially his teachers Ms. Bolton and Ms. MJ, have been nothing but wonderful to both our son and us. Friendly, caring, patient, understanding, etc. We could not have asked for better teachers for him!

    Dan & Randi M.


  • I have had a wonderful experience with Primrose. The staff/teachers are always cordially and willing to help. My oldest child is six and the youngest is two, and I definitely feel this has been my best daycare experience ever! Thanks Primrose.

    Tamara W.


  • We have been a Primrose family since our 7 year old son was 2. I knew without a doubt that when our 3 year daughter was born, there was no other place for her but Primrose. When our son started public Kindergarten two years ago, the teacher who performed his Kinder screening asked if he had had any sort of preschool experience. I told her that yes, he had attended Primrose for 2 1/2 years and her response was "That explains it..." I love watching how excited my son would be when I picked him up as well as how my daughter is now when I pick her up at the end of the day. She tends to trip over her big brother in trying to tell me all about her day! Thank you Primrose for every opportunity you provide!

    Melissa G.


  • My daughter has only been at Primrose for 3 weeks and LOVES it! She is learning so much more than she did at her last school. The staff is always smiling and very friendly. Thanks for making her enjoy school!

    Crystal B.


  • "My son started at Primrose School of Stone Brooke when he was a tiny 9 weeks old! He went through every classroom in the school (including private kindergarten) and is now almost 7 years old and part of the Explorers after school program. Through the years I could not have been happier with the love, attention, and most importantly the education that my son received (and still receives) while being enrolled at Primrose! From the very first day of dropping him off at school I never found myself wondering ""I hope he is doing ok"" or ""I hope they are giving him plenty of love and attention"". I could see it in his face and also see it in the teachers faces (including those teacher that I weren't even familiar with yet) when I would pick him up each day and see him talk and interact with the staff. Not to mention he was ALWAYS eager to go to school everyday and found himself missing it when he wasn't there for a few weeks over the summer! Now that I am expecting my second baby in 2 weeks I know there is not another place that I would dream of enrolling her when it comes time for me to head back to work! Thank you Ms Ghattas, Ms DeGuzman (even though you are at a different location now), and to all of the teachers at Primrose School of Stone Brooke for your time and the love that you have shown my son and that I know you will continue to show to my new little one when she passes through your doors for the first time!"

    Trisha M.


  • My daughter is SO smart.... thanks to her teachers at Primrose. I've seen such a dramatic change in her development, language and social skills. I'm so happy we decided to bring her to Primrose. The teachers and directors are always so helpful and caring. I'm proud to be a Primrose Mommy. :)

    Laura B.


  • We've been a Primrose family since April 2005! My daughters have flourished in a wonderful, warm, educational environment. The transition to school was flawless once my daughter began public school as she knew the routine and what the expectations would be. My youngest thrives on the structure provided while still enjoying the freedom to explore. Primrose is a wonderful garden where educational seeds are planted and magnificent children bloom.