Primrose School of The Mid-Cities

Parent Testimonials

  • My son is currently attending private kindergarten with Ms. Harp at Primrose and he loves it (as do his mommy and daddy)! A little over a year ago, my son was attending a fine arts preschool and began having difficulty with transitions that were included as part of the program. The students would change classrooms for Pre-K, music, spanish, etc.Our normally sweet, loving, humorous little boy was throwing tantrums and disrupting his classes almost daily and it worsened when his older brother moved on to public kindergarten. We had to decide quickly what to do in the best interest of our son. I called Primrose School of the Mid-Cities on a Friday and was grateful to find out that they had a space in their Pre-K 1 class taught by Ms.Chavez. We toured the facility that next Monday and our son started on Tuesday. It was a stressful time for all of us! Ms. Chavez and the staff were incredible and worked with our son, helping him adjust to a new environment. His behavior improved 100% with the structure and guidance that Primrose provides. There is nothing more intense and scary than trying to figure out what works best for your child in a school or daycare, especially when things are not going well.We are very thankful that we found this wonderful school and enjoy every moment of watching our son build self-confidence, learn, and have fun!

    Penny C.


  • My story starts like many others, I was a first time mom who was already overwhelmed with the many challenges that arise from being a new mom as well as accepting the reality of going back to work and putting my child in what I though was "dreaded daycare". I believe it only fair to start with the fact that I have a very compulsive personality like many moms of course when it comes to their children. I am an RN and work in surgery and a first time mom at the age of 40 and with that said I am by nature somewhat structured and have to be on a daily basis because of the job and tasks I perform in surgery, so the thought of someone else taking care of my baby was at the very least a very scary thought.I had heard from a friend of mine that Primrose was a good school and I should look into it. I took a tour of Primose unannounced and was immediately impressed,My first thoughts were how clean and organized the school was and even the bulletin boards looked pretty. I then walked into the nursery and in there was a who I now know as Valerie rocking a baby boy to sleep. The baby looked so happy and content. I felt I had found a place that at the time was going to be a "good place to leave my child while I worked" little did I know that this school was going to be one of the most amazing places I could have dreamed of. If you have to put your child in the hands of someone else besides your own primrose is the only school you should consider! Let me begin by saying that the teachers that had their hand in my daughters care have loved her cared for and shaped her life in a ways that you don't expect from anyone else except people that are related to your child!! Misty was her young infant teacher and she was absolutely incredible. I am the kind of mom that would call every other day to check on my daughter and Misty would never tire of my calls and would always give suggestions when I asked her priceless advice on tips to help my daughter sleep, make less fussy or more comfortable, or on her first foods and eating. All of my daughters teachers made me feel like my daughter was the only one in their class!!! Valerie was my daughters other young infant teacher and she absolutely has a magic touch a magic voice and babies respond to her in a way I cant explain. Valerie as well as Misty have a very special calling and they love children and treat them like their own. Last but by no means least Kyla was my daughters older infant teacher, She is full of life, excitement and passion for kids and family!! She finds a sense of humor in every child and especially first time OCD moms like myself!! She also made me feel like my daughter was the only child and gave me great advice but took pictures of my baby with her cell phone so I could have a little window into her day while I was working as well as took her picture on her b day with a b day cupcake and had them developed for me!! These ladies are not day care workers They are people who have true passion for children and teaching them to achieve their greatest potential. I am serious about how great I feel about this team of leaders at primrose.The owners also are not only leaders they care about families and their community. I am thoroughly impressed with primrose and have nothing but the uttermost confidence in the care my child receives there. Truly a remarkable facility for childcare with an excellent curriculum that helps every child feel loved as well as stimulates each child in language and social development

    Melissa H.


  • I can not explain the peace of mind that I have dropping off Nolan Ty every morning in the Infant Room. As a new mom entrusting someone else to care for my child was something I was not looking forward to, but the teachers from the first day we met them have displayed a caring and compassionate spirit. The environment fosters each infant to feel secure, encourage exploration, and participate in early learning opportunities. I am genuinely grateful for these teachers and the concern they show for each child. From the owners down to each staff person, Primrose Mid Cities has been a wonderful and loving experience for our family.

    Terri B.


  • Marlowe is loving Primrose! When we arrive each morning, she eagerly says, "That my school." She loves her teachers and I love knowing that she is receiving personalized care! Ms. Annette is working so diligently on her potty training and has really kept us in the loop about her progress. Ms. Liz and Ms. Lisa are such wonderful caregivers and I know Marlowe responds so well to both of them! She even talks about them when we are not at Primrose. Marlowe knows so many new songs and she is CONSTANTLY singing some little tune. We feel like we have made such a wonderful decision by enrolling our children at Primrose of The Mid-Cities!

    Kimberly B.


  • I knew when I visited Primrose Mid-cities that there was something different about it. Everyone was so kind and warm, it felt like a family. Even when I popped in unannounced to check it out before my baby was born I got the same loving, warm feeling. The teachers truly care about these babies/kids you can tell that by the way they interact with you and the kids. Going back to work was the hardest thing I have ever done, but knowing that Ms. Misty and Ms. Valerie are taking good care of my boy every day makes it easier. I love that they know him as well as I do and are helping me raise my most precious gift. I am thankful to all the staff (family) at Primrose Mid-Cities for doing what they do every day...loving and teaching our children! I know my little one could not be in better hands.

    Crystal C.