Primrose School of Lone Tree

Parent Testimonials

  • "Our son enjoyed close to 4 years at Primrose School of Lone Tree, and as parents we appreciated the great care and attention that was paid our son. Primrose provided the very best place for our son, nurturing him socially and emotionally, as well as providing excellent instruction. We are confident our son is well prepared to enter Kindergarten. We will miss the Primrose community and all it does to give back. We thank Dr. And Mrs. Batterberry for their leadership and all of the teachers our son was lucky to learn from over his years at Primrose. -Adrienne DeBall "

    Adrienne D.


  • We have been proud Primrose parents since January 2015, and have not thought once about looking back at our old school. The teachers offer a level of dedication, attention and empathy that is unmatched by any school that we have been part of. We have two children at the facility, one of which has a severe food allergy. The teachers and administrative staff have been exceptional when it comes to communications regarding the allergy and day to day food intake, and are diligent when it comes to ensuring that no mistakes are made. Communications with Primrose overall are excellent, and have excelled even more with the addition of the Tadpoles App. Educationally, we are thrilled with how our children have grown in the time they have been there. -Sullivan Family

    Jed and Jessica


  • We enthusiastically recommend Primrose in Lone Tree, Colorado! This school is an all around top notch second home for our son. As first time parents, the owners and staff did everything to make us feel taken care of and confident about supporting our child's needs developmentally, educationally, and socially. Our son came into Primrose after being home for 10 months. Primrose was able to not only transition him from the infant room to the toddler room, but teach him independence among other things like sign language, how to use a sippy cup, etc. The reports and the pictures every day make us smile knowing that he is in a safe and nurturing environment. We could of not asked for a better school to place our son in. The Primrose team is well educated, communicative, and most of all supportive in your needs and your child's. -The Rattner Family

    Ginny R.


  • My daughter Anvita started going to Primrose from March 2012. I have done my home work before choosing a day care. After being with her for a year, I wasn't ready to get her admitted to a child care center. But, today I am happy that we made that decision to leave her in a day care and I am even more happier that we chose Primrose Lone Tree. She has learnt so many things at day care, which would have been difficult to teach at home otherwise. Initial few months were difficult both for us as parents and for the teachers as well (I think!!) as we speak different language at home. When she started at Lonetree Primrose she was going to older infant classroom. I am thankful as a mother for the patience and care they have shown towards Anvita and I am sure they do the same with each kid. She's totally a different kid now. She loves going to school now and this one sentence says it all about Primrose Lonetree. Thanks!



  • I love Primrose of Lone Tree. Michele and Jacqueline are absolutely amazing and have been patient, kind, helpful and fun since my son entered the school. They've comforted me on his first day and they've laughed with me as my son did something silly on his way out the door. There's nobody I'd rather have overseeing my son's school than those two! Tanner originally went to another local school and I just wasn't satisfied. I began looking and was told by multiple people to try Prim. I am so thrilled I did the initial site visit and selected Prim. My son is learning at an amazing rate, his teachers clearly enjoy him and love him, and he's experiencing things at school that I would not be introducing him to if I selected a different school, or if he stayed home. Every night he comes home and surprises us with a new animal noise or a new sign or a new word. The artwork he does is so cute and he has a big smile on his face when he sees his friends in the morning, but still has a huge smile for me when I walk in the door to pick him up. Even now that I've switched jobs am an closer to a number of schools, I will continue to go out of my way to keep Tanner at Primrose of Lone Tree because I just don't think I'll find any other school that has the same professional, caring and exceptional level of care and service. Our experience at Prim has been absolutely incredible, and I'm so grateful to the staff for taking such wonderful care of my little guy.

    Stephanie H.


  • We love Primrose of Lone Tree! As parents, we could not ask for a better school for our daughter. Plus my daughter loves it! We are so happy that we found such a great school in our area. We definitely would recommend it to anyone.

    Jocelyn B.


  • I LOVE Primrose! My daughter has been attending for 3 years and I could not be happier. Her communication skills and level of knowledge and ability far surpasses her friends who attend other schools or no pre-K schooling at all. I have watched her grow and move from class to class and one amazing teacher to another and the results are beyond impressive. She is excited to got to school every morning and happy at the end of each day, always learning.

    Hillary G.


  • Everything! The teachers are wonderful, knowledgeable, and caring; the curriculum is challenging and engaging; the facilities are modern, clean, and safe. This is a top-notch school and I am grateful that both of my children were able to attend Primrose of Lone Tree.

    Hillary P

  • Such a loving staff and so focused on the children. The kids love going every day!

    Jeanne B

  • We have thoroughly enjoyed our time with Primrose. While MJ only got to experience the school for a year, Allyson has been there since she was 1, and she’s had the opportunity to move up through many classrooms. And I am completely honest in saying I’ve been impressed with every single teacher and assistant. Lastly, the education that our girls received from Primrose most certainly gave them a tremendous head start in their next chapters of education. Thank you to all the wonderful staff and leadership. We will greatly miss Primrose.

    Mike L

  • Love the school. Kind of bummed the summer field trips dont seem to be as good as they have been in the past.

    Brandon M

  • I love everything about the school! The structure, the staff...… My child has learned so much in his short time there and is constantly trying to "teach" me! His teacher(s) are amazing and Stephanie is always so helpful! Thank you for everything that you do!

    Dana T

  • The employees, especially the director at our school (Lone Tree), are very personable and care for our kids as if they were their own. With the recent school shooting in colorado being within a few miles from our daycare, the director of the facility took it upon herself to protect our kids by locking all the exterior doors and keeping kids occupied inside until the situation was over. It put myself and my husband at ease and proud of our choice to send our daughter to primrose.

    Kristen J

  • We love the staff, however I wish there was better communication about staff turnover and changes that are happening in the classes

    Megan G

  • Director and teachers and thoughtful and supportive. My child’s day includes structure, fun, encouragement and positivity.

    Emily Z

  • Primrose has been great for us! Love the staff. Although I am disappointed that the hours changed to closing at 6pm instead of 6:30, with my work schedule that was useful sometimes.

    Cory G

  • Our children are thriving at Primrose. Everyone is friendly and I believe they genuinely care about the well-being and overall development of my children. Both of my daughters get excited every morning when we arrive. The curriculum combined with play breeds learning, creativity, and social skills.

    Melissa H