Exterior of a Primrose School of Greatwood

Primrose School of Greatwood

Parent Testimonials

  • Our Primrose school is amazing! The teachers are so loving, the director is very involved choosing new activities and planning special events for the kids, my daughters new prekindergarten teacher is incredible!! I am so impressed with the work she comes home with every day. She's adding and subtracting, learning science, speaking Spanish, practicing handwriting (this week she wrote and learned her address), she put a puzzle together that spelled her name, the children are learning sight words, they have new vocabulary words every day! Even tonight, I let her play some games on my computer and she knew exactly how to use the mouse and arrows perfectly. I have worked in schools for over 10 years and I can tell you that these teachers love what they do and it shows. My daughter is excited to go to school every day. I highly recommend Primrose School of Greatwood, it is truly a wonderful place for your child to start! :)

    Cathy I


  • We have been at Primrose of Greatwood for almost 5 years now. Both of my daughters have made life long friendship and have received a solid educational foundation. My youngest, Claire, is in the private kindergarten class. She loves going to school everyday. She loves her teachers, which have instilled in her a love of learning that I believe will last throughout her lifetime. I always recommend Primrose School to anyone looking for more than just a daycare.

    Johanna B


  • I never thought I would feel this good about where I bring my children every day. I have a great peace of mind knowing that they’re in good hands and that they’re getting the best education they can.



  • If I had to tell somebody why to choose Primrose, I would use the word perfection. You can’t get any better than this environment. There is such a trust level that they establish, the curriculum is very enriching, it’s very well-rounded, the teachers are very warm. So you feel like it’s a family environment.



  • My husband I really try to have a culture of loving to learn at home, but since she started at Primrose, I feel like actually it’s our daughter that’s been bringing that energy into our house.



  • I genuinely feel like my daughter is learning something every second of every minute she’s here at Primrose.