Exterior of a Primrose School of Centennial

Primrose School of Centennial

Parent Testimonials

  • My daughter started at Primrose in Nov, 2011, and has loved it ever since. She learns something new every day! She has made many friends and loves her teachers.



  • Our children started their education at the Primrose School of Centennial when they were two years old and graduated from the Private Kindergarten classes. Our daughter will enter Regis High School in the fall with invitations to enter 2 honors programs. I credit the amazing teachers and staff at Primrose for teaching our children wonderful acedemic skills as well as social and emotional skills.The Balanced Learning philosophy was a key factor in our choice for early childhood education for our children. We recommend Primrose for quality Early Childhood Education!

    Roxanne M


  • My son loves Primrose and I love it too! My son is excited to be there everyday - and, the teachers (Ms Hannah and Ms Elizabeth) are always coming up with creative learning ideas and agendas. My son is learning so much and each day I see this - a new word, his articulation, telling stories, his problem solving skills and just seeing his excitement about learning and self-confidence. Thank you Primrose! And, to all those who make it a great fun learning environment.

    Sandy H


  • My daughter started in her Pre-K class back in 2011 and now she graduated from Kindergarten with big smile and lots of great knowledge. She could read at least in 2nd grade level and simple chapter books, she could count in Spanish, she understands her simple math, she is getting better with her sign language alphabet letters, she has lots of good friends and she loves being at school. It's all because of all the great teachers' team, supportive management, awesome curriculum that helped her become one smart kid with good heart. She makes me proud. So, thank you so much for everybody who gave her the opportunity to learn to become a smart cookie as she is now. Shout out for Ms. Shelley, Ms. Wendy, Ms.Melissa (Ms.M), Ms. Kristin, Ms. Stacee in Kindergarten, Ms. Alicia, Ms. Paige, Ms. Emily in Pre-K for your awesome dedication. We are forever grateful for all you have done.

    The Stices Family


  • As working parents, we interviewed many childcare facilities in the area (even before our elder son was born) and simply did not feel comfortable with the choices in child care until we toured Primrose. We immediately felt a connection with the directors and teachers, so we enrolled. When we moved houses, we tried to switch our boys to a different child care facility and soon found that not all child care centers are created equal. We enrolled our boys at another "school" located close to our new home and quickly found that our children were miserable. The quality of teachers and staff did not even come close to Primrose. Whenever we would pick up the kids, the teachers were texting instead of paying attention to the children, and the classrooms were completely chaotic. Our elder son was bored in class, having mastered the curriculum at Primrose months ago, he refused to eat and cried the entire time he was at the new school. We felt terrible and supremely guilty about the situation. It was obvious; we made a terrible mistake and missed Primrose. So, after a week's attendance at the new school, we called Primrose and begged them to take us back, which, thankfully, they did without hesitation. People thought we were crazy to drive the extra 30 minutes each way to have our kids attend Primrose, but child care is a decision that is not to be taken lightly. You cannot underestimate the importance of ensuring your child's safety, happiness, education and overall wellbeing. The staff and teachers at Primrose Centennial genuinely cared for our children, and the kids were excited to go to school and to learn. As working parents, it's difficult to leave your children every morning, but the Primrose teachers and staff made that transition very easy for us. We will forever be grateful to the staff and teachers at Primrose Centennial for providing a nurturing environment to our children. We have been there for 3 years and have seen our children blossom and thrive intellectually, socially and emotionally. We LOVE Primrose Centennial and feel absolutely confident that we made the right choice.

    Melissa M


  • Great staff, experienced and knowledgeable of how to deal with the kids. Very cleaned facilites

    Catalina M

  • The Primrose of Centennial CO has been excellent at making sure my son Aiden is getting the best education but also making feel loved.

    Daisy F

  • Love your staff and I always appreciate the fact that you put so much emphasis on curriculum and stay open on snow days.

    Robert W

  • Love being there. Teachers are awesome and take good care of my child. I feel my child is safe. Well fed and taken cared off. He comes back happy and looks forward to going back to primrose again the next day.

    Nidhi S

  • We had a great experience having our kids attend Primrose school of Centennial. The curriculum was well organized, our kids settled down so quickly with us seeing a lot of improvements in their academic and social lives. We will never hesitate to refer anyone to such a great school.

    Felix O

  • My kid have manners, he is advanced in his learning path, Ms Alicia is a super hard adorable loving teacher! The school is clean and the communication between school and parents is great.

    Sandra C

  • We had our son attend during the summer in between school sessions and the staff there was amazing. With a new baby, it was a difficult transition for everyone but our 5 year old was the most affected. The teachers in his room helped him heal and accept as well as help us, help him. Nothing but great things to say. We would send him there every summer without question.

    Jessica S

  • We do have plenty confidence leaving our daughter at Primrose all day long. All the staff really takes care of all the kids in a great way, tks.

    Maria D

  • We have really appreciated the friendliness of the entire Primrose staff! We are also very pleased with the personalized approach to learning.

    Tiffany M

  • My kids love going to school and love their teachers. They have learned so much while going to Primrose

    Esteban G