Primrose School at Anson-Zionsville

Parent Testimonials

  • My children joined the Primrose family two years after spending several years at another private school. We were blown away by the differences and improvements that we immediately felt. All of the teachers and staff were so very welcoming to all of us. Each morning my children were greeted warmly with hugs from enthusiastic teachers. My two oldest children began sharing about their days more and amazing me with what they learned that day. My youngest child smiles when she sees her teachers and reaches for them eagerly. My son is now in the pre-k program and has been taught more than I would have ever imagined. He has a love for school and for learning that I can easily attribute to Primrose. My only regret about our Primrose experience is that we did not join sooner!

    Karen K


  • There are too many reasons why I love Primrose to list them all here. After having my child at another daycare where she was not very well taken care of, walking into Primrose felt like a piece of heaven to this hard working mom. The teachers in her classroom are outstanding. They work with my kiddo, teaching her, loving and nuturing her. I feel as though, if she cannot be with family who love her the most, the next best place would be Primrose. They are organized and always willing to accomodate my requests. They send little projects home that my child has done during the day along with personalized notes of how well she did that day and what kind of activities she has participated in. I cannot speak highly enough of the entire staff! Their smiling faces, professionalism and organization have really convinced me that there is NO other daycare that I will keep my children in. The bar has been set extremely high!!!



  • Being a first time mom and not being from the area it was scary to leave my daughter with just anyone. I have been so happy with every aspect of Primrose Anson. Chad is always available to address any questions you may have. Always has a smile on his face and makes it a point to say Hi to my daughter and I. I receive pictures every once and while of my daughter and something she has done for the day on email. She has developmentally advanced because of Primrose. She signs to us and brings home artwork at least once a week and always has a smile on her face when she shows me. I can't say enough posting things about Primrose. You get what you pay for. Primrose goes above and beyond.



  • We have nothing but praise for the management, staff and families at Primrose at Anson. We moved to Primrose as soon as it was open from another program and we have never looked back! Our son started in the preschool program and was immediately in love with all of his teachers and the management team. We love the program and immediately saw him grow and flourish in all aspects. We knew he had a love for learning and Primrose was just the right place to challenge him and get him ready for a lifetime of learning. He is currently in the Pre-K program and is leaps and bounds ahead with his learning - and he loves it! We are so happy to have made the move to Primrose at Anson!



  • My husband and I LOVED Primrose from the moment we walked in to visit. They let me come in and sit in a class with Corey before we decided to enroll, so that I could see what goes on each day. That time really put my mind at ease, and having to leave my only child at daycare got a little easier from that point. It was clean, everyone was friendly, and it felt more like a home environment. Corey loves going to "school" and has learned so much! He started signing to us at about 1 year, and it really has helped us to know what he wants, without having to guess why he is crying. He will tell us when he wants to eat, drink (milk or water), if he wants more, etc. We LOVE that we can communicate with him at this level! Also, all of the art projects and the music curriculum are outstanding! We love seeing what he makes at school. We also get to enjoy his music with him in the car and at home - he LOVES it and it makes the drive home much more enjoyable. Corey is now doing all the motions for "Wheels on the Bus" and he is always laughing as he does it!

    Amy W


  • I enrolled my daughter at other schools before coming to Primrose and I have to say Primrose is by far the best. The staff are very professional and they care about the children. The curriculum is wonderful. My daugher is in the pre-k class and I know she learned more than most 1st or 2nd graders. My second child is also at Primrose in the early Toddler room and he loves it! Both of my children are happy and always look forward to going to school so they can see their teachers and friends.