Primrose School of Woodstock

Parent Testimonials

  • Our family has had a wonderful experience at Primrose of Woodstock. Our second child is with teachers that our first was with, which we absolutely love. We love the teachers and staff at Primrose and would not change a thing!

    Crystal L


  • As grandparents living outside of the country, we are so happy with the progress both Willow and Link have made. We attribute it not only to their parents, but to the loving care and expanded learning opportunities at Primrose. Thank you all for your patience and love for each child. We don't know how you maintain your positive attitudes throughout each day.

    Jane P


  • My son has been going to Primrose since he was two years old. In the two years he has been here, he has blossomed educationally, socially, and emotionally. I know that when I drop him off, it is with a second family. I can not say enough about Ms. Kathleen and the private pre-k program. He grows tremendously each week and I feel like Primrose is a partner in helping my child grow.

    Julie M


  • My son started Primrose at the age of 3, he had very little vocabulary and lacked social skills. Primrose teachers and staffed really worked majic with his progress. After pre-K his speech improved as well as his social skills. At Primrose my son feels like he belongs; it makes me feel confident as a working mother.

    Rhea S


  • Tatum started at Primrose in June of 2012 right before his 11 month birthday. He had never been away from me for more than an hour, as I had been a stay home Mom since the day he was born, so my anxiety about leaving him all day was overwhelming! We came to visit before enrolling and he instantly starting playing and wandered off to explore, which made me feel like we had chosen the right place! Tatum's first day at Primrose I dropped him off, stayed a few minutes to make sure he was going to be ok and yet again he took off to play like he had been there a million times. He has blossomed so much in the few short months he has attended Primrose; he uses the sign language they teach to communicate with me as well as his teachers, he plays well with other children, he dances and sings songs...the comfort level I have with the teachers and staff is something I cherish, as leaving your child in the care of others can be such a scary thing to overcome. While he can't talk yet so he didn't tell me this himself but I can say whole heartedly that Tatum loves our Primrose and it's clear every morning when I drop him off that he feels at home!

    Melissa H


  • My daughter has been attending Primrose school for 2.5 weeks. This past weekend she recited the entire Pledge of Allegiance for me! One word- WOW! We are thoroughly impressed with her growth so far. She comes home every night talking about her new friends and what she did during the day. She absolutely loves the music part of her day and is currently participating in the Ballet/Tap Class once a week. We couldn't be more happy with our decision to place her at Primrose. It speaks volumes about the staff and organization that everyone (directly related to her class and not) knows her name. Thank you Primrose for creating such an environment that we all feel comfortable with.

    Lyndsey H