Primrose School of West Cary

Parent Testimonials

  • We have a unique situation with our daughter having Alopecia and were looking for a school that would be sensitive to her needs. One of the first questions I asked was, "If Samantha is more comfortable wearing a hat would you allow that?" and they responded, "Of course! We want her to be happy and comfortable in her class." I can't tell you how good that made me feel. For the first few days Samantha wore a hat, but by the end of her first week she didn't need it anymore. All her teachers have done a great job with fielding questions from other students as well. Samantha is now in their half day preK class and I'm continually impressed with her education. She has learned so much being in Miss Lisa and Miss Sally's class. This will be Samantha's second year in their class and she is already well prepared for Kindergarten. Miss Lisa and Miss Sally are very good with the kids and do an excellent job of balancing education with fun.

    Courtney B


  • My older son was at Primrose from the time he was 6.5 months old until he started kindergarten. He's now in 1st grade and I am so pleased at how well he was prepared for his transition into elementary school. He continues to excel academically at his magnet school and loves going back to his Primrose teachers to share his successes. My younger son is now 4 and has been at Primrose since he was about 7 months old, as well. Being a part of the Primrose family has been a blessing to us. I'm so thankful my boys have this foundation for their educational careers.

    Karen J


  • My daughter is an only child, and Primrose has really helped her learning to share / care for her classmates. She is very bright and the teachers see the potential of your child and eagerly assist allowing her to flourish. My child amazes me daily with her knowledgeable lessons she learned at school. I always feel safe when my daughter is at school and the front staff are stellar! Not to mention all the activities that a usual day-care doesn't have such as; pony rides, water day, magicians and extra curriculars. I am not an easy parent to keep pleased and I routinely check-in unexpectedly and always find my child happy and healthy. My daughter loves her school.

    Alexandra K


  • Primrose provided a safe, nurturing and overall positive environment for our kids. They had a fantastic journey and made some priceless friendships. We really cannot say enough about all of the teachers we had along the way and the accommdations from the school. Thank you Primrose!

    Melissa G


  • Our daughter started off at Primrose West Cary in the young 2 class and went straight through to pre-K. We loved every single teacher our daughter had. She was able to learn and blossomed into a caring, social and bright student during her three years at West Cary. I really appreciated the emphasis on friendship and caring for everyone in the class. Our daughter has taken that into her everyday life and as she starts kindergarten. We still run into the teachers and they are always so happy to see our daughter and find out what she has been up to. We couldn't be happier with our experience!

    Brandi F


  • This place is first class. From the owners, to the directors, to the teachers and support staff...they have provided our children with the very best of care and have taught them so well along the way. They offer a great curriculum and encourage a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle. I would highly recommend Primrose School of West Cary!

    Brian C