Primrose School at Sugarloaf Parkway-East

Parent Testimonials

  • I recently visited my child's preschool class for Shadow Day and what a fabulous experience this was for me! I see my son growing into such a learner at home, but to see him in action within his classroom showed me more about his school day & his learning. I saw him and his classmates demonstrate knowledge of several subjects: science, social studies, and reading. The students showed a high level of independence as they moved around the room to centers. The students were happy and the teachers were engaging. I am thrilled for my child to have this quality foundation for his education!

    Anna S.


  • Olivia loves all of the activities Primrose has to offer in the Older Infant Room. Her mobility has greatly improved while she's been in that class and is always smiling when I pick her up in the afternoon. We really love all of the teachers that work so hard to brighten her day.

    Laura F.


  • My daughter has attended Primrose Sugarloaf Parkway-East since she was 8 weeks old. As a first time mom, I was very concerned about who could provide the best care for her. After doing my research and visiting several other "daycare" facilities, I knew right away Primrose Sugarloaf Parkway-East was the right selection. It was something about the environment and the feeling of comfort I received when I walked through the door. My daughter's infant child teacher was absolutely the best thing I could have ever wished for. What really touched my heart was that her teacher genuinely was concerned about her well being and even now that she's in early pre-school her infant room teacher still checks on her. The amount of care and attention my daughter receives is just incredible. I'm not sure how the staff does it but when I walk through the door I feel like my daughter is the only one in the entire school. My daughter knows every teacher's name and everyone on staff. She loves circle time and I can truly say because of the staff and teachers at Primrose Sugarloaf Parkway-East that her self esteem and ability to learn is at its highest. I highly recommend this location to those who live in the Lawrenceville, Snellville, Grayson area. Overall, I recommend Primrose School as a whole to my friends and family and I can say without a doubt we all agree that our children have received that absolute best care and no other facility can compare!

    Michelle T.


  • My son, Colin, has really enjoyed being at Primrose. He was at an in-home daycare until he was 3, and then we switched to Primrose after researching several child care centers. Being around children his own age has really made a difference with him. Colin is always excited to share stories of his classmates and all the fun they have each day. It is obvious each staff member genuinely cares about the children, and we are always greeted warmly each day. His dad and I like the variety of extra-curricular activities, and we definitely like the Parents' Night Out that is offered each month! : )

    Denise G.


  • My son was 4 when he started at Primrose School at Sugarloaf. He was able to memorize a 44 page book along with his other class mates. The book is called The Ghost of Sifty, Sifty Sam. People could not believe it. I made him recite it to everyone. I found the book on amazon and purchased it as reminder of his bright start that he received at Primrose Sugarloaf. He is in middle school and still comes to Primrose after school.

    Paulette W.


  • I love the administrative staff and the teachers are the best. The school is very clean and well organized. My kids love learning and they have fun doing it. I love Primrose

    Edrine B.