Primrose School of South Tampa

Parent Testimonials

  • We recently joined the Primrose School of South Tampa, FL in august, 2013. as a mother of four small children, i will say - i have been blown away by primrose and it's philosophy. the teachers, the staff, the administration - they are all in the upper echelon of what they do and it shows. my kids come home excited about puzzles and reading and numbers. they get their hands dirty planting seeds, growing gardens and finger painting. they have even started teaching mama some spanish! primrose offers a competitive edge for the preschool set and i could not imagine having them anywhere else. i have done my research, toured all the preschools in the area and feel like primrose is more aptly a school, not a daycare. they have well rounded curriculums, an in house chef for healthy meals and snacks, and people who excel in education. we are thoroughly satisfied and recommend primrose with the highest regard to those parents that are trying to navigate their way through the often-times confusing world of preschools. we are getting ready to enroll our 4th little bean soon! cheers.



  • My family has been so happy with our child's pre-school teachers at Primrose! Ms Meza and Ms. Hill are always so welcoming in the morning, making the transition from home to school easy and positive. After school, my child has great things to say about what she did that day and fun stories about her classmates and teachers. I always feel comfortable that her teachers are so patient and well-prepared to take on all of the adventures of the three year old world! You guys are the best:)



  • No words can truly express how much we appreciate being a part of the Primrose family in South Tampa. We literally feel like we are leaving our daughter with family each day, which is priceless. There is no better feeling than knowing our daughter is not only well cared for, but is loved. We see how she is developing and learning every day. Ms. Betancourt, Ms. Luya, and Ms. Velez not only come with the experience of quality educators, but their love and joy for what they do is evident every day. As I said, no words can truly express our appreciation for having such an amazing school for our infant daughter to attend and such amazing teachers to care for her each day.

    Kathy G.


  • My son Luke is blossoming at Primrose thanks to his amazing teachers Ms. Cahill and Ms. Sylvestre. The school has a positive energy that emanates from every employee. I am so grateful that I chose Primrose for my sons care and development. They consistently exceed my expectations. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to learning.

    Jennifer H.


  • We are so happy to have our daughter, Raigan, at Primrose of South Tampa. Christy, Jana and their assembled team of wonderful individuals by far surpasses any other school/daycare we could take our daughter. Since starting at the South Tampa location in August 2013, Raigan has grown so much and we've watched her blossom almost on a daily basis. It feels like we are leaving our daughter with family when we drop her off at school each day...who wouldn't want that for their child? The Blackards and the Ratzkes have figured out how to bring us into their family and we HEART them for it! Continue to connect with the families you so lovingly assist and you will continue to have success at Primrose of South Tampa.

    Holli J.


  • As we move into November and begin to be much more mindful of the things we are thankful for, I can't help but think of our son's school! Primrose has been the best match for family. Everything from the aesthetics of the building and classrooms down the incredibly warm and friendly staff that truly make you feel like family! Our family is grateful for the wonderful teachers in PK1 (Ms Taverese, Ms Barrett & Ms Fairnot). Each of them bring a special spirit to the class and to each child! Thank you Primrose of South Tampa! Keep up the great work!

    Christine C.