Make the First Five Years Count

We’re more than a daycare in Tampa. We know how young children learn best, which is why our Balanced Learning® approach combines plenty of purposeful play with nurturing guidance from teachers.
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Our time-tested approach to early childhood education is designed to foster good character and grow social and emotional skills while also building literacy, and math skills.
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Franchise Owners

Jana Radtke, Christy Blackard, John-Ryan Radtke

License # C13HI0273 Jana Radtke and Christy Blackard (mother and daughter) have worked together at Primrose Schools beginning with the first school they opened in Texas in 1995! After struggling to find a quality, early childhood education option for her own children, Jana decided to build a Primrose School. “I was surprised at how difficult it was to find trustworthy childcare and was overwhelmed with the waiting lists for high quality options. Like all parents, I wanted my children to have the best experience focused on early education. After having my youngest children on the waiting list of a Primrose School for 18 months, we built our first Primrose School in Texas and I changed careers! It was the best decision I’ve ever made!” Jana holds an Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education, a Bachelor’s in Management/Computer Information Systems, and an MBA in Business. In her former life, she spent 20 years as chief information officer, chief operating officer, and chief executive officer with financial and insurance companies in Texas and Florida. Despite success in the corporate world, she missed work-life balance, one of the primary reasons she left the corporate world to invest in her first Primrose School.

Ms. Blackard adds, “All four of my children (Jana’s grandchildren) and my two granddaughters (Jana’s great granddaughters) attended Primrose!  The Radtke and Blackard families have made preschool education a way of life and have been dedicated to positively impacting children’s lives through the unmatched Primrose educational experience. Ms. Blackard holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing & Communications and a Master’s in Elementary Education as well as a Florida Director’s Credential. “With deep roots in the Primrose community, we are incredibly devoted to bringing the best possible child care experience to our South Tampa communities. We understand the importance of instilling a love of learning during a child’s first five years, and we believe this is essential to building a new generation of bright students!”, said Ms. Blackard. We are committed to delivering the best possible experience when it comes to your child’s education. We are excited to provide the high quality care necessary to prepare your children for future success in school and in life!

John-Ryan Radtke (son) joined our Primrose School in February 2023.  He has lived in South Tampa for over thirty years building strong connections within the community, including many of the families whose children attend the School.  John-Ryan’s association with Primrose Schools goes back several decades as he was instrumental in the construction of our Primrose Schools (Cross Creek, 2001; Tampa Palms, 2003; and South Tampa, 2013).  John-Ryan holds a Master’s degree in Construction Management and is a General Contractor.  John-Ryan is excited about the opportunities for his daughter, Rose, who is enrolled at our Primrose School.  We all look forward to Rose experiencing an exceptional education, forming lasting relationships with families from our South Tampa neighborhoods, and building the sense of community that we have enjoyed in South Tampa.

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