Primrose School of Smyrna West

Parent Testimonials

  • Our family loves Primrose of Smyrna West! Our daughter, Melanie, learns so much from her teachers. We are very grateful to Ms. Moore, Ms. Stransky and Ms. Nash!



  • My husband and I can't say enough good things about Smyrna West Primrose...From the first day we toured, the staff has greeted both us and our children by name. They helped us adjust to that first summer at a new day care, communicated thru the first year of pre-school all the new milestones our daughter reached, cried with us that first (and last!) day of Pre-K....we were never in the dark about what she was learning. Our daughter ran to greet her teachers, and even stopped by other rooms to hug her previous teachers. She has just loved it here, and we, as parents, are pleased to know that Primrose has helped to foster a love of learning - reading, computers, drama, science - that will carry our youngest daughter thru the years. WE know she is being educated; SHE just thinks of it as ""fun learning"". Not only thru the school year, but in the summer, Primrose has met and exceeded our needs. Our oldest daughter thrived with The Explorer Camp... field trips, craft time, science, special visitors... she loved it here too. And we loved that the girls were together. My girls have enhanced their life skills how to work out differences, how to respect personal space, and how to be respectful to others. The growth that we have seen in them is amazing, and encouraging. We are extremely thankful and blessed to have counted Primrose as part of our family for these past 2 years.... To you prospective Primrose Parents, in our 2 years with Smyrna West, we I can count on 1 hand the number of kids that have cried to come here: THAT says it all.

    Julie A.


  • My two boys attend Primrose, Smyrna West. We came to Primrose in November of 2011 after leaving a school that struggled to manage my son's behavior. My son is spirited to say the least- we chose Primrose because from the very beginning I heard yes, "yes we can help, yes we can focus attention, yes we are not worried". The school has been very honest about any concerns about behavior and have partnered with me to ensure that we approach issues as a unified front. To the point that he has slowly become more mature, more engaged, and much happier. He has a great group of teachers that work with him to make "good choices" and he has learned so much. We were struggled to make the move and we wish we had done it sooner. Mack is thriving in this environment and under the leadership and caring of his teachers.

    Kristen W.


  • My husband and I were thrilled when we saw the sign for a Primrose opening in our area. We were happy with our daughters' current daycare, but had always heard great things about Primrose and knew right away that we wanted to be a part of the school. Since enrolling, there is always a peace of mind knowing that our children are being cared for by such a loving and knowledgeable staff. It's so wonderful hearing the excitement in their voices when they tell us what they did each day. We love Primrose and will miss it so much next year when our daughters start Kindergarten.

    Kirsten W.


  • My daughter had stayed at Primrose of Smyrna West for three years. This is a great school!! We definitely love this school because teachers are very diligent and always willing to help kids grow. Mrs. Hebert, principal, is a wonderful person and her staffs work very hard as well. The school is well structured/organized. My daughter now is in Elementary school and she is very advanced in all aspects. Her current teachers are very pleased with her performance. I think there are several kids coming from Primrose in her class and they are all very advanced. We appreciate Primrose of Smyrna West. It's the best school.

    Stella Y.


  • We have been at two Primrose schools in the past year. Brynley will be 3 years old in January. Due to being in the military we have moved a lot. Brynley has been in 4 separate daycares, 2 of them being Primrose at Bentwater and Primrose at Smyrna. Primrose at Bentwater was her second school and since being a part of the Primrose curriculum, my wife and I have noticed a tremendous growth in her development. We had to move, yet again, and pull her out of Bentwater. We were unable to move her straight into another Primrose and immediately began noticing a decline in her development. We called Primrose and told them our story. They were more than willing to work with us and showed great appreciation for all the hardships that military families endure. Three months later they called us, at the beginning of the school year, and offered us a slot! Not only has the staff made Primrose a home for Brynley, but they have approached my wife and I about sending notes of appreciation from the kids to my Unit that is deploying in January 2014. There are other daycares, but none that fits our family like Primrose.

    Mark H.