Primrose School of Sixes Road

Parent Testimonials

  • We brought our daughter to Primrose when she was 6 months old after trying out the nanny thing for a while. The nanny was bringing her problems to work and I was seen as a friend more than what I wanted to be. I needed professionalism still in this relationship we shared with my daughter and it become increasingly worse week by week. Plus, my daughter needed more interaction with other children. Whenever we go to the school even years later we are always greeted with a smile, a hello from all the staff. Its such a nice change. No matter how bad of a day they may be having you would never know it. They welcome my child with open arms and excitement in each class she has been in. They stop what they are doing and come greet her and I know that sounds so little of importance to some it was a big deal to us. We want her to be in a happy environment filled with love. The staff always looks nice and that they care about themselves. We moved when she was 2.5 and there was a Montessori school just down the road from our new house. We moved her to that school, which was very hard to do and it was like night and day. We and our little one were not happy. We gave it a good 3 months. She was a different child those 3 months, the teachers wouldn't even acknowledge when she walked in the room, and never greeted any of us with a smile or a welcoming attitude. The place was dirty and the staff looked like they literally crawled out of bed and walked into work. It was disgusting and if someone doesn't care about how they appear, do you think they will care about my child? Most chances are not. My daughter at 2.5 woke up one Monday morning and said she didn't want to go to school and cried. I asked her why. She said she wanted to go to her "friends school". Well that day I walked into Primrose and re-enrolled her with TONS of tears in my eyes. We were welcomed back and happy as ever and she once again cant wait to go to school each day. We now drive right past that other school everyday and an extra 30 minutes a day in the car but its well worth it. We cant think of being anywhere else. We are Primrose Parents for LIFE!

    Lindsey H.


  • When our daughter first started at Primrose she had been at home with me. The Primrose staff made the transition comfortable and easy for our whole family. I can go to work every day knowing that she is happy and safety. I also feel like her teacher really care about her.

    Elsa P.


  • I entrusted my oldest child to the care of two different day cares before I found Primrose. He was just 18 months old and I was a nervous first time mother. The Primrose administration and teachers were terrific! They had no problems with any of my special instructions and were very accessible. I attribute most of our potty training success to the wonderful teacher in my son's classroom! Both of my children were brought up in the Primrose environment and loved it! The curriculum is great and the kids loved it, too. When they were old enough, both of my children attended the private pre-K program and were ahead of the game when they began kindergarten. My youngest moved on to elementary school this year and the parting with Primrose was bittersweet! I highly recommend this Primrose school for its wonderful administration and fabulous teachers!! This is a dedicated crew and they have turned out students who are very well-prepared for elementary school. I highly recommend Primrose School at Sixes!

    Bonnie B.


  • I love the Primrose education my son received. The basic skills and manners he received will last him a lifetime. The teachers were wonderful!!

    Melissa D.


  • Where to even start.. Our family is so incredibly grateful to all the staff at Primrose School of Sixes Road! We had a terrible experience at a Montessori school for almost 2 years, but I knew I had made enough excuses and let enough slide by that I could not put up with it anymore. Nervous about any change, especially with my child, I took that first step into Primrose and have never looked back. In switching schools, especially with no warning, I feared the adjustments would be detrimental for my 2 year old, that she would have set backs, confusion and wonder where her 'friends' were. I cannot tell you how my daughter has flourished and thrived, to say the least, and it all happened since day 1!!! Everything from curriculum to the delicious, and more importantly nutritious, menu and snacks to the family events and gatherings, it has been the BEST decision I have made as a mother to come here. We were greeted with open arms and lots of hugs and love!!! We have now been at Primrose for over a year and now our infant son gets to go to school with his big sister. I am excited to see what our Primrose future will look like with our two little scholars!

    Brenda N.