Primrose School of Plano at Preston Meadow

Parent Testimonials

  • Happy World Chef Day, Maria! My girl has needed some alterations to her diet due to medical issues and I never have to worry about what she's eating/drinking because of Maria. Thank you for taking care of my daughter and feeding her like I would at home. We appreciate you!

    KO H.


  • Thank goodness for Chef Maria!!! Her cooking skills and kind personality enrich our children’s lives. I love that our kids actually eat healthy nutritious meals, and I so appreciate Maria’s menu. Cooking for others is such a gift and one of the most amazing expressions of love! Thank you, Chef Maria!!

    Rachel C.


  • My child has been here since the Younger Toddler class, and has moved up to the Preschool Pathway class. He has been shown love since the beginning! I love getting updates through Procare, so I can feel involved in his day. The teachers are very interactive and attentive and show that they take the time to know my child personally! The front office always greets you when you enter the building with large smiles! They make transitions and raising a child feel easier and smooth. They always are welcome to questions and are happy to talk!

    Madelyn K.


  • Our kids love Chef Maria! We are so thankful for the thought and love that go behind each and every meal prepared! :)

    The Hall Family


  • Since enrolling our daughter in the Private Pre Kindergarten class at Primrose, she has learned so much and come so far. Her teachers are so patient and caring. I love seeing her daily reports and Happy Grams and all the activities and curriculum they do during the day. My only regret is that we did not enroll her in Primrose sooner.



  • We have been a Primrose Family since October 2008; and it all started because of the saying "you get what you pay for". We have 2 children enrolled at Primrose North Plano; 5 years old and 8 months. We had tried Home Day Cares previously, with both children, and both times ended up badly. With our oldest, neither my husband nor I had a good feeling about her caretaker. Those feelings were justified when he arrived early one day to pick her up and the Caretaker acted very surprised and nervous when she opened the door. She would not immediately allow my husband into the home and asked him why he was there. So by the recommendation of our neighbor, we immediately enrolled our Daughter in Primrose, and have not looked back. Then we decided to try a home day care again with our son for financial reasons. He started there right at 7 weeks of age; and from the beginning, red flags kept popping up about the caretaker. Firstly, after only a week with her, she informed me that she was a recovering alcoholic-sober 5 years. She would tell me very personal and intimate details about her boyfriends or that she would sometimes take a nap when all the children were napping! Then, after only 3 months with her, I received a phone call in the middle of the day from her saying that she was being shut down by Licensing for an investigation of child abuse. As soon as I got off the phone with her, I immediately went into panic mode and burst into tears. I was all the way downtown and my baby was in the hands of a monster. Once I composed myself, I immediately called Primrose where our Daughter had been for the last 4 years. There must have been a Divine intervention because of all days, the Franchise Owner-Kristine Beveridge answered the phone! I told her what was going on and she invited me to come talk to her as soon as I picked up my Son. When I finally arrived at the Home Day Care, I grabbed my Son and asked the Caretaker what had happened. She told me that one of the 2 YO's was smearing jelly all over the table and she "just reacted" and slapped him on the neck. Then she confessed that the incident happened right about the time we had started coming to her, but she was too afraid to tell me. I packed up his things and left as quickly as possible. Kristine Beveridge enrolled him that day and the Nursery Teachers immediately welcomed him with open arms. Since then, he has truly thrived at Primrose, and we finally feel at peace when we drop off our children each day. So when your instincts tell you something is not right with your caretaker, you should pay attention because they're usually right. Go Primrose!!!

    C'ne T.


  • We could not have asked for a better school for our children. We have been part of the Primrose School of North Plano family for five years and have loved every minute of it. The school has warm and inviting teachers, knowledgeable staff, provides a loving and caring environment, excellent academics and plenty of fun activities (music, sports, dance and more). We find it very comforting as parents that our children have shared a number of teachers along the years and know that our child absolutely LOVE the Primrose teachers and staff. We’re so thankful to be part of this school!



  • My son started at Primrose North Plano when he was just 9 weeks old. It was so hard to leave him at such a young age, but I couldn't have been happier with our decision. I always felt comfortable knowing that they were taking such good care of him. He is such an outgoing and smart little boy. Primrose has done an amazing job at teaching him sign language to communicate till he started talking. Now he amazes me everyday with things he says and things he knows. I was so happy with their care I had no second thoughts at having my daughter join the primrose family after she was born. She started at 8 weeks old, and now is in the young toddlers class. My kids are always SO happy when I pick them up, and I never have had problems dropping them off. I recommend anyone to take their kids to Primrose North Plano!!

    Michelle C.


  • Unlike other daycares that simply babysit children, Primrose has helped our son develop rapidly and far outpace our friend's children that attend traditional daycare. Each week we receive a lesson plan that helps my wife and I continue his educational experience once he gets home, since we can expound upon the lesson set forth by his teacher that day. From reading to sign language, to eating skills, to speech development and everything in between, the caring staff ensures our son is in great hands every day. We researched daycare extensively prior to my wife returning to work, and once we visited Primrose of North Plano we ended our search. The teachers were by far the leading reason we enrolled our son the same day we visited. Everyone was cheerful and upbeat, and instilled confidence that our son was in the right place from the moment we walked in. This is further evidenced by their open door policy. Both sets of Grandparents have made surprise visits to see their Grandson and called to tell us how happy they were with our choice. Over the course of the last year we have been so pleased with Primrose of North Plano that we will be enrolling our soon to arrive second son once my wife returns to work.

    David B.


  • Jace has been attending Primrose of North Plano since he was just a few months old. I have loved every teacher he has had since being there, and the curriculum is awesome. It's amazing to see how much he has learned while attending school there. I have no doubts that he will do great in Kindergarten next year because his previous and current teachers have done an amazing job! I have never had any fears leaving Jace at Primrose North Plano and would recommend the school to everyone. The activities that Primrose has during the "summer" months are terrific also,. We love being able to see what activities/projects they have lined up.....water day is by far Jace's favorite!