Primrose School of Park Cities

Parent Testimonials

  • We've felt really fortunate for our child's teachers each step of the way, the ladies in the office and the focus on nutrition. Our daughter loves school! We were sad when she graduated from her first set of teachers, but they continue to be even better. Our daughter's connection with her teachers is touching, as much as it is impressive.

    J.J. F.


  • We became a Primrose family just over a year ago and the Park Cities team made us feel comfortable as another wave of COVID struck our area at the same time. Our young daughter had little experience with other kids or public venues because of the pandemic, but the teachers and staff made sure she fit right in. Our daughter has loved her school, teachers and friends since the first day. The curriculum and activities are stimulating. Chef creates delicious meals and snacks, and we are glad we can follow along with her day by watching the app. Her teachers all manage to make time to let us know how her day was and the regular parent-teacher conferences have been helpful. Finally, PC Primrose has staff/teacher development days and I love that they are recognized for their hard work.

    Katie and James C.