Primrose School of Mason

Parent Testimonials

  • My son has been with Primrose school of Mason just since this summer, so short 4 months. He used to cry a lot and was very unsettled initially. But now, he likes to get up, get dressed and head to school despite the anxiety he still has when I drop him off in the morning, but the moment I leave, he soaks up in the atmosphere and loves music, art, reading books and playing with puzzles and toys. The teachers are so dedicated and loving. Even though, my son goes only half days, I admire the patience and love of the chef who prepares meals for all the kids everyday. Any feedback is taken very positively and everyone work with you to help get your child settled in. My son likes it and I am happy with the progress he has made so far. We toured several schools and settled for Primrose because of the friendly staff and balanced curriculum. We hope the positive experience continues for our son.

    Ramya A.


  • We have all three of our children at Primrose. Between all of our children, one of them has been in every room at one time or another, including Kindergarten, and all of the teachers are wonderful. The entire staff is very caring and helpful. They are committed to teaching and taking care of our children, and they do a great job! We have trusted them with all 3 of our children, so that should be the best compliment.

    Mark N.


  • Our family has had an extremely positive experience with the Primrose School of Mason. My daughter started there at 18 months and just "graduated" last May from Pre-K. My son has been there since he was 5 months old. The teachers and staff at Primrose go out of there way to get to know each child and parent personally, to discuss and address all questions / concerns professionally and timely, and to make sure each child is happy and comfortable while at school. The curriculum and activities are top notch and my children have grown academically, socially, and emotionally due to their time spent at Primrose.

    Liz S.


  • We enrolled our 12 month old at Primrose after the daycare center she had been cared for since she was 12 weeks old closed suddenly. This is our 3rd child, and it was honestly the most positive transition we have been through. Primrose provides such a warm, inviting and nurturing environment for babies and toddlers. Our daughter is almost 2 1/2 now, and she LOVES going to school every day. She is thriving and learning so much. Primrose has been a very positive experience for us!

    Jennifer D.


  • We just moved to the area and my 3 kids started at Primrose Mason within 2 days of moving. The staff and teachers made this transition as smooth and easy as I could have ever asked. My twin boys are in the Pre-K program and after only 1 week felt right at home and on their first day told me that the day was "super great". Their teachers are fantastic and I feel I can talk to them about any questions and issues I may have. My daughter is in the early preschool and has adjusted well to her new school, teachers and friends Again, I can not praise the teachers in this classroom enough for making her feel welcome. I could not be happier about my decision to send my children to Primrose Mason.

    Kirsten L.


  • We have been a Primrose family since our daughter was one year old. She is now 6. We knew Primrose was a special place immediately upon entering the building. We were warmly welcomed by the staff and the building itself was clean, well maintained inside and out, and inviting. We toured over 15 other childcare facilities and no facility, other than Primrose, came close to offering what we were looking for...a home away from home for our children. Primrose has been such a blessing to our family and it was the best decision we ever made for our children's early childhood years. Primrose is not just a day care facility, but it's a school and the staff is highly committed to educating the young learners in every classroom, from the infants to the after school kids. I am a teacher and I was looking for a school for my children...not just a day care. I found exactly that with Primrose. The teachers are highly trained, educated, and skilled...most with college degrees. We have experienced very little teacher turnover at The Primrose School of Mason. In fact, many of the teachers my daughter had 3 years ago, my son now has. We found our home away from home for our children at Primrose. The staff feels like family to us and we have developed life long friendships with other Primrose families. Our family is so impressed by the Primrose model, we looked into opening our own school, because we feel so strongly about what Primrose is doing for working families. When heading back to work after having our first child, I dreaded the day care situation, due to the horror stories I have heard about day care centers. I am blessed to say we experienced nothing but positive, friendly, nurturing experiences at Primrose and I have always left the school after dropping my children off each morning knowing they were in an environment with caring teachers who were helping them to grow socially, academically, and physically. That is absolutely priceless to a working mom!"

    Kelly H.