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Ruthann Brown


Ruthann Brown’s path to Primrose

I can remember sitting in class as a first and second grade student dreading being called on to read. I loathed school. School was a place for being teased by peers and being berated for not knowing the answer. I would turn bright red whenever I was called on and I sweat with nervousness about what others thought about me.

By the time I was in high school I had pretty well decided that I wanted to go into education. I can recall telling my family that I wanted to go into teaching and them laughing. They all knew how much I had hated school and could not believe that I would be interested in continuing that endeavor. I gave them the same speech I have told families at open house in my own classroom. I want to be in education because I hated school, and I never want another child to feel the way I did about reading and math. The root of my problems started before first and second grade. The problem began in preschool and kindergarten. I left kindergarten without the foundational skills needed to succeed in the following grades. It is impossible to read to learn when you never really mastered learning to read.

When I entered college at Utah State University I would talk about owning my own preschool and childcare facility as part of my life plan. I used to draw how I wanted the building to look and how the programs would be implemented. As I got further into the Elementary Education program my ideas for my school morphed to incorporate my new found knowledge of teaching styles and ideals. I knew that I would have to spend time in the classroom teaching, gain a little life experience, and get a Master’s Degree before I could stand in front of anyone and expect them to trust that I knew what I was doing.

Fast forward a few years. At this point I had changed districts, grades, got married and added to the number of members in our family. In 2012 I had to find a sitter or daycare for my son, Corbin, and I stumbled across Primrose in West Chester. I met with the director who gave me a tour and walked me through the curriculum as well as the programs offered to the older children. I was in shock. Here was the exact school I had doodled and dreamt about for years. My dream school had already been created and was successful. I enrolled the next month to start my Master’s Degree and began planning how I would join a Franchise that held the same expectations of educators, students, and parents as I did.

Now I have two boys and a little girl as well as my amazing step children! I am so excited to have them enrolled or involved through service at the Primrose School of Mason as well as our sister school in South Lebanon. I know you will feel the same level of excellence in education and childcare that I have experienced at our school.

*Franchise Owner in correlation with the Peace-Norvell Ownership Group

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