Primrose School of Mansell Road

Parent Testimonials

  • My experience with Primrose School of Mansell has been wonderful! The teachers go above and beyond to meet the needs of my children. Drop off is always a difficult transition for both me and my children and the teachers are always able to diffuse the situation to ease the mind of both me and my children. Knowing that they are provided with love, care, and education while I am working is such a peace of mind! We are very grateful for the relationships that we have built with Primrose Mansell, which is now like an extension of our family!



  • Lakshitaa enjoys her time in school so much that she is eager to go to school on weekends also. She loves water day at school. She likes dancing to the music in school. She recalls all her friends from school at home. She narrates whatever she did in school at home. We absolutely adore the art and craft work she brings home from school especially the ones she brought on father's and mother's day. It is very considerate of the teachers to help children design their own artwork and gifts. We are happy with her enthusiasm to learn new things and read books which has been passed on from the school. In a nutshell we are very happy with Primrose school of Mansell road.

    Veena I.


  • We highly recommend Primrose School of Mansell Road. We started from infant room and now our oldest graduated and started Kindergarten and youngest is in preschool 1. We love the teachers and the management. All are caring and professional. We feel our daughters are in good hands! My oldest just graduated from private pre-k at primrose and started Kindergarten. The transition to Kindergarten went pretty smooth and this is thank to Primrose staff. My youngest now is in preschool 1. She was about to move from early preschool to preschool 1 couple of months back but we were struggling with potty training at home. Together with Ms. Jamie, her early preschool teacher, we were able in 2 weeks to train her and move to PS1. I could not have done it without her!

    Shiri T.


  • Both my kids have been going to Primrose since they were a toddler and I really appreciate their dedication to make sure that they give importance and attention to every kid. My kids have always liked their teachers and also love the extra activities that they plan to keep the children entertained and busy. My older kid is in school now , but was coming here for after school program as well until last year. My younger son is in Private Pre-K now, and he really enjoys it and the transition was smooth.

    Geetha R.


  • We have had an amazing experience with Primrose in the two years my daughter has attended the school. All of the teachers we have had in our classes have been phenomenal. They have been extremely friendly and have created such a nurturing and welcoming environment for my little girl. Miriam and Emily have been beyond fantastic and truly make me as a parent comfortable leaving my child in their care. They have been a tremendous help in distracting and calming my child during difficult drop off days. My little girl is always so happy and loves sharing with me what they did that day in school. I am so happy to be a part of the Primrose family.



  • We recently moved from Johns Creek to Roswell and were in the search for another school for our son, Grayden. As a mother, you are always uneasy putting your child in the hands of a new school, person, etc. Grayden has blossomed at Primrose School of Mansell. The transition was easy which makes me a very happy mom. The staff is always very friendly and informative. Wouldn't have him anywhere else. Thank you Miriam and your staff.

    Megan F.