Exterior of a Primrose School of Longmont

Primrose School of Longmont

Parent Testimonials

  • When it was time to choose a "day care" for our son my first thought was "I have to find a place where they will love him and truly want the best for him in all ways. I want a place that not only do I feel safe having him there he feels safe being there. I want him to actually learn. I want him to understand the important things in life. I want him to have fun!" And then I thought "well good luck with that because you just described Grandma's house and that's a high standard!" And then we found Primrose School of Longmont. Our son has everything that we hoped for him and more. He's known by everyone not just his teachers. They offer many opportunities for children, there's an amazing curriculum for all ages, and they take pride in the love they have for all the kids. There is no better place than Primrose. Our son has thrived and there are many "techniques" used in the classroom that we use at home too! We are a very proud Primrose family :)

    The Carlson Family


  • Samantha loves her experience at PSL! She has made many good friends, and her teachers are thoughtful, fun, and loving. She also participates in an extra activity: Super Science with Mr. Miah, which is one of her favorite things to do. Samy is engaged, happy, and learning a lot in her PK classroom, thanks to the teachers and staff at PSL.

    Justine D.


  • Charlotte loves EPS at Primrose Longmont... her teachers are loving and fun, and provide a safe environment in which to learn new skills and make new friends. The classroom is packed with books, sensory activities, and developmental opportunities, and the outside playground is her favorite place to be. She loves "swinging on the swings", every day! Thank you to all the teachers and staff at PSL for a wonderful experience!

    Justine D.


  • My daughter loves to go to this day care, I would like to thank especially the young toddler teachers Miss Amber and Miss Mary. They are awesome in handling kids and My daughter love these two teachers. I appreciate their work and the school management staff is also very nice.

    Rajeevareddy M.


  • My husband I really try to have a culture of loving to learn at home, but since she started at Primrose, I feel like actually it’s our daughter that’s been bringing that energy into our house.



  • I genuinely feel like my daughter is learning something every second of every minute she’s here at Primrose.



  • Honestly you guys are awesome! At no time did I regret my decision to put Elizabeth in your care. If anything you have made finding a new school difficult as no one quite compares.

    Jennifer M

  • Great school, great teachers and you can tell they all care about the kids, administrative staff included. Everyone is very responsive and understanding. I really only care about my kids being well cared for at this age, but what they have learned is truly amazing. My kids come home super excited about what they've learned outside of the regular stuff you'd expect.

    Nicole M

  • We have been part of the Primrose family for 11 straight years and it has been a wonderful time with them. They have been an important part of both of our boys' development and we couldn't have done it without them. The Longmont team is best in class, true professionals who care for each child while catering to their individual needs. We have been blessed to know the staff at Longmont and will miss them dearly soon when we no longer walk the halls for drop off and pick up.

    Christina B

  • I love how caring the teachers are and Ms. Brittany from Preschool Yellow is really amazing. I have been pleased with the communication and I like the Tadpoles daily emails.

    Leila W

  • Emma and her team always took great care with our daughter and her educational needs. We were always comfortable with how our daughter was cared for in our absence.

    Robert M

  • The teachers and the staff are so kind and positive and friendly!! I am confident that my child is being well looked after and getting a great start to education!! I am very impressed with some of the projects and arts and crafts that are in place and feel very lucky to be part of Primrose Schools!!

    Christina R

  • Primrose Longmont is the preschool of my dreams! The tour was great, the kids seem engaged, and I loved the structure and daily format of activities. Marisa Carlson was also an incredible tour guide: thorough, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic. My only drawback is the price range is a bit too high for me at this time. Thank you for the opportunity! I'll reconsider for when my son is 4 years old for pre-K. Thanks!

    Sarah M

  • Very professional and inviting atmosphere. I would be very comfortable sending my daughter to this school.

    Lindsey K

  • We really enjoyed the tour! The school looks wonderful. I was particularly impressed with the healthy and varied meal options for the kids and the outside play area looked like a lot of fun too.

    Katie W

  • Teachers provide a warm and welcoming classroom and are flexible enough at times to accommodate our special requests. The educational programs make sure our child is well equipped to transition into the public school system.

    Aditya P