Primrose School at Liberty Park

Parent Testimonials

  • I love this school. Once we were at Wal-Mart and my son was using the potty. I looked over and he had wrapped toilet paper around his hand over and over. I had no idea what he was doing, until I saw him flush the potty with the toilet papered hand. He then gingerly threw it in the potty as it was flushing. Apparently his teacher taught him that. I was amazed that they would teach things like this!!

    Sarah C.


  • We so much appreciate Primrose School at Liberty Park. I feel that my child is happy, well cared for and learning each day. We love our teachers and how they use the Primrose curriculum.



  • We have been at Primrose for over a year and have been very pleased with the facility, the teachers and staff, and the fun curriculum. Our son has some speech and occupational delays, but he fits right in with everyone in his class and is not treated any differently. He has blossomed since coming here and we couldn't imagine having him anywhere else!

    Jill S.


  • I absolutely love Primrose. My child has learned so much since starting school approximately 1 year ago. She adores her teachers and talks about them everyday. The teachers show a genuine concern and care for the students. Moreover, the director and franchise owners make me feel comfortable leaving my child in their hands everyday. Anytime I have had a question or concern, they have addressed them and made me feel at ease. I would recommend Primrose to anyone!

    Shera G.


  • Our daughter, Rachel began Primrose when she was 3 months old. She is now 2 1/2yrs old with a vocabulary much greater than her years. She has been counting above 20 for many months now, knows all her colors, shapes, can spell her name, & is pretty well potty trained! I say this not to brag on her, as much as to brag on the incredible teachers and staff she has had while at primrose. She loves her teachers and the children in her classes. The owners, Bill & Gayla Clark are always available & put a working parent at ease to know their child will be in excellent hands while they are gone. With the birth of Rachel's twin brothers, we decided to move rural so I could stay at home with the children...I only hope that I can do as good of a job as Primrose has done! The curriculum is excellent, the care is top notch! Many days when I go to pick Rachel up she is not ready to leave yet, she's having way too much fun at school! Primrose made being a working mom much easier!

    Karen F.


  • Thank you for providing a warm and fun learning environment for Luke and the other children in Early Preschool III. Over the years, Luke generally hasn't minded going to school, but he has certainly never asked to go-until last week. On Wednesday morning, once Luke was felling better, he started begging me to take him to "Miss Jennifer's room". He was devastated when I said no, and the next morning confirmed that he was going to school before he even got out of bed. This is such a wonderful gift to me, my husband, and to Luke. We can not thank you enough for resparking his love of learning. Sincerely, Katie, James and Luke.

    Katie O.