Primrose School of Las Colinas

Parent Testimonials

  • Our first son has been attending Primrose since he was 12 weeks old, and I have to say that we have loved every minute of it. The teachers are absolutely phenomenal and I know that I am leaving my children in very good hands. What has been great is the education that my son has received at such an early - everything from the sign language which was very helpful to helping transition to sippy cups and now a cup. Primrose is a great partner in parenting and I am very exciting that we chose this school for our Children.

    Dominique E.


  • My husband and I started looking for a day care facility in August 2011 before our daughter was born. We were hoping to enroll her into school around March 1, 2012. A family member of ours recommended Primrose as their daughter attended one and loved it. We found Primrose of Las Colinas and called to schedule a tour. We were very impressed with the school, its location and the staff; however, we were a little taken back to find out there was a waiting list for the infant class. We immediately put our name and deposit down so that if a spot opened up, we would be notified. Our daughter, Abigail, was born in November 2011. I called in December and spoke to Mrs. Jenkins on if an opening had come up yet. She stated that it was still too early but that she would call me as soon as she possibly could. We kept our fingers crossed and held our breath! Lo and behold, on the last week in January, Mrs. Jenkins called to say an opening had come up for March 1st and if we were still interested. We informed her that we did want the opening but asked if it was okay if I came by and toured the infant class again and spoke to the teachers. She stated it would be no problem at all. Little did I know that I was meeting the best teachers in the world that day! That afternoon, I was able to see the infant room again and personally speak to Mrs. Walton and Mrs. Stump. After that second tour, I was even more reaffirmed that we had made the right decision in picking Primrose of Las Colinas. Seeing my daughter laugh and grow with the other babies as well as with her teachers is a true joy. Everyone is so nice, attentive and friendly, even at 6:30 am! We would highly recommend Primrose of Las Colinas to anyone and everyone - you will not be disappointed.

    Rebecca K.


  • We have three boys. Two go to Primrose and one will start soon (he's going to be born on Monday!). We started at Primrose. We then switched to a nanny for a year. We looked at Montessori and came back to Primrose...because it was the best for our children. While the nanny was nice for the parents (admittedly) and we liked her, it lacked the socialization and learning that Primrose offered. Our oldest son was potty-trained in two weeks, he could do sign language (20+ signs) before he could talk. He started saying a few short sentences at 18 months. They go to interesting places all over the city. They offer sports and gymnastics and music lessons during the day. There really is no substitute for Primrose. It's quite expensive, but worth it. We'll never use a nanny again.



  • Our family has trusted Primrose Las Colinas for almost 5 years, beginning with our oldest. We are proud to be part of the Primrose family. My son looks forward to school everyday and has had the privilege of being taught by passionate and caring teachers. As an infant and toddler, my daughter has had caring and lovable teachers looking out for her needs. We love our Primrose :-)

    Magaly M.


  • Our son Wilson has attended Primrose Las Colinas since he was 12 weeks old. It’s been almost two years since we entrusted the care of our little man to the teachers and leadership of this wonderful school. There has not been one day in the almost two years that I have not been happy that we made PLC our choice to watch over and educate our child. The leadership of the school balances business with the art of teaching children and more importantly, meets issues with a fierce determination to make them better. While the leadership is remarkable, the teachers are extraordinary. The infant teachers provided love and nurturing when we could not be there, followed by the toddler teacher’s gentle guidance as our son transitioned into a little man and developed his personality. Now, his early pre-school teachers have begun his education with remarkable fervor. We are blessed to have found Primrose Las Colinas and are grateful every day for the people that make it a great school.

    Tammie and Troy R.