Primrose School of Hilliard West

Parent Testimonials

  • My family absolutely loves Primrose. Prior to my son attending this school we thought his school was fine, but once we switched to Primrose, we were amazed at the difference. He was writing his name within a couple weeks and only wrote the first letter of his name without assistance before. Everyone at this school really cares about the kids and even makes a point of making my older child feel like he is part of the Primrose family by engaging him in conversations every time he is there. The teachers here a really wonderful with my son, who struggled at his other school when transitioning from one activity to another, and are able to help him work through transitions/situations he has difficulties with. He loves this school so much that he is usually sad to leave when I come to pick him up. As a working parent, it is often difficult to be away from your child all day, but it helps to know that he is so happy there. They even send periodic emails and pictures of him participating in activities during the day. We recommend this school to everyone we talk to and can't imagine sending him anywhere else.



  • LOVE LOVE LOVE Primrose!! My daughter has been attending for a few months now, and we are amazed by how much she learns every single day. Whether it's Spanish, the weekly theme or how she was able to be the "line leader" or "weather reporter", she talks about it all with such excitement that we know she is having fun while she is learning. Everyone that works at Primrose is SO friendly and willing to go the extra mile. You can really see how much they care about the kids, which means so much as a parent. And it doesn't stop with the kids. They are wonderful to the parents as well, giving parent appreciation treats and hosting parents' night out. The teachers are the best and have been more than willing to accommodate my requests for extra information about her daily activities. We couldn't be happier and are thrilled to be part of the Primrose family! We can't say enough great things about Primrose and definitely can't thank you enough!



  • Our son Ian has been at Primrose of Hilliard West since the day it opened, and I can truly say sending him there was the best decision we have made as parents. I went back to work about two months before Primrose opened at this location, and for those two months I dreaded taking Ian to his day care every day. I just didn't love it, and as a first time mom (or a mom in general) that is an awful feeling. Once we were able to start bringing Ian to Primrose though, I actually began to look forward to dropping him off. There was an instant weight off my shoulders. From day one I knew Ian was in the best hands possible. The way that we have seen Ian mature and grow over the last several months is just incredible. He began walking/signing/talking all ahead of any "normal" milestone points. Even though Ian may only be in the older infant room right now, I tell every one that I love his "school". I do not consider Primrose a day care... it is a school from the moment the child starts there, whether that be at 2 months or 3 years old!! The entire staff at Primrose of Hilliard West goes out of their way to do what is best for every child... and that obviously begins at the very top. Annelies is just amazing and her staff follows right in line with that! I would never consider sending my children to anywhere other then this school after the experiences we have had thus far.

    Kristen S.


  • I'm not typically the type of person to share a review but I just couldn't help myself. I remember how lost and nervous I felt researching childcare options for my son and this is a great research tool. The decision to return to work and have someone else care for my child during the day was probably the most stressful and confusing process I have ever experienced. My husband and I toured MANY different facilities and I always left with the feeling of "well, it's okay, but it's not good enough..." As soon as we went into Primrose Hilliard West I knew that was where my son needed to go. Everything had a different feel; the staff, the facility itself, even the children were happier! I remember seeing a blond woman holding a toddler, speaking quietly to him and watching him smile at her. Turns out, that woman was the owner, Annelies! That exemplifies how Annelies is - very hands on and involved. She has done a lot of hand holding for me (I think I required more assistance in the transition than my son did). Ms. Teresa and Ms. Cathy are always receptive to our concerns, trying new things, and really seem to genuinely care about all the kids in their classroom. Lindsey and Stacy always get a smile out of my son and always greet us like we are the most important family there. My son literally starts bouncing up and down when we are walking into school in the morning, he loves his friends, activities, and teachers. I love the attention to detail, for example getting a little note at the end of each day letting me know what my son enjoyed most or tried new that day. I love the little things like Mail Day. I love that no matter how many times I email/call, no one ever acts annoyed and are always happy to give me a little update and picture when I'm having a hard day away from my son. I will always feel a little sense of guilt that I am a working parent, but it is a lot more bearable when I round the corner to my son's classroom each day and see him having a blast with his friends and teachers! I really can't put into words how positive this experience has been for my son and our family, and how I can't imagine sending him anywhere but Primrose West.

    Kelly K.


  • Have you ever wonder how they do it? I often wonder what's her super power called? Ms. B is our early Preschool teacher and she is nothing less than AWESOME!! My daughter raves about her. I have caught Ms. B in action numerous times, making every child feel like they are the only child in the room. She answers every question with care no matter how many times it was asked. She begins every morning opened armed, full of excitement for the day of learning and play ahead. How does she do it? I have seen her wipe up spilled milk, lovingly break up a small spat, complete a craft @ the science center, and high five a kiddie on their timely potty choice...all while her long beautiful locks and Primrose cape gently blows in the wind. We love her. Ms.B has encouraged my daughter's confidence and inspired the little artist in her. Our family is grateful for such a wonderful place to trust our child's first school experience. But even more we are so grateful that Ms. B is a part of our lives. She is the sunshine we all enjoy during these long winter months, giving everyone in her presence, a little more to smile about. MS. B YOU ARE THE BEST AND WE LOVE YOU!

    Corina T.


  • First off I would like to start out by saying I'm one of the toddler teachers at Primrose Hilliard West as well as a mother of three. I wish so much I had found primrose when my oldest daughter was born! My second daughter Abbie loves being able to come to school with mommy! She used to go to a preschool part time before coming to primrose and she has learned So much more in the last three months then she learned for a whole year at the other preschool! I cant get over how smart all the children are that attend primrose! It truly is a school and not a "daycare". My youngest daughter will be starting in the fall as well when she turns two and I can't wait to see all the new things she will learn! I as well could not ask for a better place to work! It's so family oriented and I feel it's like a second home! The owner and directors are so hands on and always there. They know every child's name as well as their parents names! They say I love you and give hugs and kisses like they all were their children! Every morning Abbie and I are greeted with a big smile and a good morning! And it makes my day! I am truly blessed to have found primrose and thank them for not only taking care of my children but myself and the rest of my family! You guys rock!