Primrose School of Eldridge Parkway

Parent Testimonials

  • We are happy at Primrose because the staff is pleasant and caring.  They are willing to take parental direction and always helping with homework.  My child is  greeted by name.  The playground is fun and the buses are safe.  I feel a warmth when I walk into the facility!

    Michele C


  • I have been working for Primrose for about a year now an I just wanted to share how good the staff is. Each teacher is always so very helpful & very attentive to the children.  It brings me great joy to do my job & I love every minute of it. Primrose has an excellent Director, Mrs. Volk whom is a very loving & caring person! It's been a great joy to work with her!!

    Ms. Clemons

    Primose Teacher

  • Our daughter has been enrolled in Primrose at Eldridge Parkway since she was 12 weeks old and we absolutely love it. The school is extremely clean and the entire staff is friendly. Her Infant A & B teachers feel like family to us and always have a very thorough report for us about her day and her development. Not only do they keep track of their activities during the day, but they also make arts and crafts with the kids (infants!), provide positive feedback in the form of a happygram, Ms Shelly sends weekly newsletters with the childrens development points and progress and we just get the feeling that they always have what's best for the child in mind. The school is also technologically savy, sending emails, text messages and updates via the Remind app if you want to stay connected to the school for reminders and other important information. At 12 months old she can sign to let us know if she is hungry, thirsty or needs help and even sings along to some of the Primrose songs. Even my son, who does not go to school there, feels welcome and enjoys picking up her sister because he is always greeted in a friendly way. I would recommend this school to anyone!



  • Like every father It was a nightmare to select a playschool for our daughter who was turning one. After having visited them and talked to the staff we were convinced that our daughter will be a part of Primrose. 2 months later, she is learning more than we expected and we are very happy that we chose Primrose @ Eldridge Pkwy. I would like to thank the entire staff for taking care of our Daughter in a very pleasant and homely atmosphere. Special thanks to Ms Williams and Ms Davis for taking special interest in moulding the little ones. I am excited for my daughter to experience the best of other teachers going forward.

    Jay N


  • Primrose at Eldridge Pkwy is a great place to send your little ones. The front desk staff are always so polite, friendly and helpful. My son loves his class and his teachers. We moved from upstate New York so it was quite an adjustment for him initially, but the teachers were always kind and patient with him. He has learnt so much during the short time he has been at Primrose. All in all a wonderful atmosphere. Am going to be heartbroken to pull my son out in a few days since we are moving and will be enrolling him into another daycare that will be closer.

    Niru A


  • Six continuous years at Primrose School of Eldridge makes for some amazing heartwarming memories! At this location you not only meet exceptional teachers that focus on the safety, emotional needs, and education of your little ones but you also find lifetime friends. Six years ago I was in turmoil. My first born 1 year old daughter's daycare closed and I found myself taking her to a daycare that turned out to be a month of physical and emotional pain. You have all been there. You receive the dreaded calls of "your child was hit/bitten/scratched by accident" etc. As a first time mommy I was at their mercy. I was told it was normal for children of such age to have so many accidents. Was also told it takes a few weeks to get them to stay. I was called almost every day with a reported incident of busted lips, bites, and scratches. My daughter no longer wanted to stay. The teachers there called the children "friends" and would not carry them. To say that I was a mess with this situation is an understatement. My supervisor at work informed me about Primrose. I remember that day as if it was yesterday. What a blessing! There was one very close to my home and I made an appointment right away. On that first day of dropping her off she seemed calm and content. I stopped by a few times during the week at different times because I was so nervous now. Every time I stopped by she was in someone's arms laughing and engaged in activities. I recall opening her classroom door and the teacher said to her, "Look my baby its your mommy!" From day one she wanted to stay. There were times when she didn't want to leave. There, along with my son, she learned so many valuable lessons that still are being practiced at home - love, sharing, caring, helping. My son entered this school at 2mo old and just recently graduated from their Pre-K program. All through his years at Primrose I always saw the same caring focus from all the Eldridge family. Fast fwd to today. Both now graduated from Primrose. What a sad day to leave such an amazing community. I walked in with a 1 year old in hand and walked out with a 6 year old and an almost 5 year old that are amazingly mature and confident - ready to take on 1st and Kinder grades. So here's to you Primrose of Eldridge! Every day that we drive by your second home my children wave because to them this was their second home too! Special thanks to: Ms Williams who was both of my children's pre-school teacher. Always smiling and excited to see how big they got after leaving their classroom. Always with open arms to receive a hug from them as they passed her classroom. Ms Molina who was my daughter's teacher. So genuine and proactive! Love her! Always willing to help out and step out of her "job description" to meet the needs of parents and children. Ms Prosper! Both attended her Pre-K class and what a blessing that was! Always focused and passionate about her children. So very generous with her time. And I just know there is an amazing fun side to her that she only shows her students when parents leave because they looked up to her so very much! Both had no knowledge of numbers and letters when they started and they walked out reading and writing. Just amazing! I know I am missing so many more incredible ladies because everyone is amazing here. From the kitchen staff members to the directors! Just an amazing group of people. If I write everyone's name I will fill a book worth of stories. For those considering Primrose, I leave you with this; Your little ones are your treasure! Keep them safe and loved in an environment that they can grow into confident children. And when you have to pick a place to leave them while you work do not hesitate to call Primrose your second home.