Primrose School at Eagle Ranch

Parent Testimonials

  • We have to share why we love our Primrose school. Last month our youngest had to spend the night in a local hospital. Thankfully it was nothing serious, HFM in a seriously stubborn 2 year old. After class let out, our child's favorite teacher stopped by. The joy on our child's face was priceless. Truly priceless. One of the gifts the teacher brought was a book. Every night since we have had to read "Ms Short's book." Ms. Short, thank you for making our baby girls day. She doesn't talk about anything else from that stay other than "Ms. Short brought me a book."

    Jennifer C


  • My daughter loves going to school every morning! She is so excited to see her friends and teachers everyday. The teachers, and staff, are amazing. You can really tell they love what they do and care about every baby in the classroom. I also love how they work with the babies teaching them sign language so they have a way to communicate before they can talk. I drive an hour round trip in the morning and afternoon for her to go to the closest Primrose and it's worth every minute when I see how much she's learning and developing at school.

    Carolyn R


  • My daughter has been going to Primrose School for the past year and just started private Pre-K in the past month. Everyday when we walk into the classroom the children are working on something fun and creative and learning something new. I really appreciate the peace-of-mind knowing she is at a great school and feel confident that that my daughter will be well prepared for Kindergarten next year. We really appreciate the teachers and staff at Eagle Ranch and the hard work they do! Thank You Primrose!



  • We have 2 children currently at Eagle Ranch - a 4yr old and 2yr old. When we first started, we had the normal fears that all parents feel when leaving their children. Quickly we became comfortable and knew that our children were being well cared for. It is great knowing that our children love their teachers and that it is reciprocated! We love that our children are learning as well as being well cared for during the day when we can't be with them. We couldn't be happier with Primrose!

    Kim and Frank


  • In the short time my son has been attending I have been very happy with the experience. My son is happy to see his new friends and teachers each morning and excited to show me stuff at the end of the day. I have noticed a positive growth in his behaviors and schedule. I feel confident each day when I take him in.



  • We have had the pleasure of all three of our children attending Primrose @ Eagle Ranch. Our twin boys, Reese & Riley, are now 7 years old and are in the 2nd grade but our 4 year old, Raegan, is the one who is there now. I remember the first day I walked Raegan into her class. There stood her teacher, Mrs. Fox, the SAME teacher that my twins had when they were her age. It was so nice to have that familiarity and after knowing Reagan for about 5 minutes, she declared, "Oh I can't believe how much she is like the boys! That's too funny!" We've been in the situation with all three of our children where safety is/was a huge concern for us. Unfortunately, all three of children were diagnosed early on with a peanut allergy. And not the break out in hives type. Primrose has done what I thought wasn't possible. They have made me feel safe to take each of my children there. They understand what most don't. They understand it isn't that they just can't have peanut butter. They take the time to buy the candy themselves for the Easter egg hunt and fill the eggs with appropriate candy, make sure that Halloween candy is safe and all class parties are ok too. They make sure to put signs on their doors to indicate that some of the children have allergies. It means so much to me to know my children are safe. Now, after safety, my chief concern is and always will be how my child feels about going to Primrose and his/her teacher(s). The boys had Mrs. Fox who they adored. She was NOT just their teacher. She genuinely loved our little guys. And when she got her hands on Miss Raegan. Well I could tell she was loved too. Raegan also had the incredibly wonderful Miss George who I wish lived with us on a permanent basis! To this day, even though Raegan is in pre-K, Miss George comes in to talk to Raegan. They have quite the bond. And after she graduated out of Miss George's class which was a little scary since she LOVED Miss George, Raegan moved on with Ms. Lundsford, Ms. Ramirez and Ms. Knight. And talk about a winning combination!! First, they really paid attention to the curriculum. I have no doubts that Raegan is more prepared for upcoming Kindergarten because of these ladies. Raegan and I ran into Ms. Lundsford the other morning and she quickly scooped up Raegan, playfully lifted her upside down and declared, "Oh how I MISS you in our class!" And of course Raegan was in complete giggles. What a lovely way to start her morning! If you want to talk about the general topics of preparedness, cleanliness, dietary needs or any other standards, I would put Primrose at Eagle Ranch up against any childcare/school facility out there. The boys attend a very competive school now and they had an interview before being accepted. I know we worked with them at home to ensure their readiness, but I have no doubt it was everything their teachers did to prepare them at Primrose at Eagle Ranch that not only got them into the school but has given the foundation to really strive. Raegan is now in the pre-K program and already knows how to spell her name, her brother's names and everyone else in our family. Again, we have worked with her at home, but it was the attention to detail that has Raegan truly prepared for "big girl school" as we call it. The cleanliness of Primrose at Eagle Ranch was always important to me too and we have NEVER had an issue with it. I see them every single day, disinfecting, cleaning and making sure everything is safe and would be the environment you would want your child to be in at home. We have loved that Primrose at Eagle Ranch gives Raegan a balanced diet every day. First, it is wonderful to know she gets a hot meal at lunch, not just a sandwich I'd back in her bag every day. And it isn't pizza or chicken fingers every day. Our kids are in that menu every time we eat outside the home. I appreciate that any time Raegan has a medical form or anything else that needs updating, they call me. I appreciate it not just because it's helpful to Raegan, but I know every other parent in her class is getting those same phone calls. So I know when I send Raegan to Primrose at Eagle Ranch, she is safe because everyone else is current as well. Every single person I know who is having a child and looking for childcare/school, I have sent them to the Primrose schools. Not all of them are near my particular Primrose, but I have utter confidence in the brand. Thank you to Hilary for running such a great program and for everyone at the front desk who greets you every day, thank you to the teachers who really follow a challenging curriculum but also understand that our children have been in this world for only 3, 4 or 5 years so treat them with love, understanding and kindness and patience every day, thank you for the behind the scenes that none of us see but KNOW it happens because you make everything transition so nicely and thank you for the continued education I know each of attend to ensure that each of children are learning to the best of their abilities. In a world where a letter is generally only composed to complain about someone/something, it is nice to have a forum to genuinely THANK everyone for the incredible job that they are doing. Thank you.

    Rebecca D