Primrose School of Druid Hills

Parent Testimonials

  • As first-time parents, we feel truly blessed to have such a great support system at Primrose School of Druid Hills. We enrolled our daughter when she was eight-weeks old and she will be graduating from pre-kindergarten this spring. The administration, faculty and support staff have ushered us through every important developmental benchmark. They also kept our community safe and engaged through the pandemic. We credit The Balanced Learning curriculum for preparing our daughter to thrive in kindergarten (including the competitive application process to private school). Our child has been loved, nurtured, and challenged at every stage. We have LOVED every teacher! The meals are nutritious, diverse and tasty! The families in our school come from different backgrounds and our daughter now naturally/organically appreciates differences in others. Primrose has been the best INVESTMENT in our daughter. We are so sad to leave!

    Irma B.


  • My daughter’s experience has been great since starting at Primrose. She has learned so much in a short span of time. The staff makes me feel comfortable leaving my child in their hands and they stay on top of her medication, if needed. Best investment I could have made in her education and overall wellbeing. I also like the fact that the staff makes me feel okay about asking questions. They are always more than happy to assist.

    Brittany R.


  • My husband and I really try to have a culture of loving to learn at home, but since she started at Primrose, I feel like actually it’s our daughter that’s been bringing that energy into our house.



  • I genuinely feel like my daughter is learning something every second of every minute she’s here at Primrose.