Primrose School of Castle Hills

Parent Testimonials

  • Both of our children attend Primrose School of Castle Hills and we love it here. We enrolled our son when he was 3 months old. He is now 27 months old and thriving. He gets complimented all the time about how advanced he is for his age. He loves the teachers and administrators at Primrose as well. Everyone is very personable. He is excited to go to school every day. When our daughter was born, it was a no brainer. We enrolled her when she was 3 months old as well. She is now 9 months old and is also thriving at Primrose. We have been extremely satisfied with the care our children receive as well as the curriculum provided.

    Paula M.


  • Great school. Both our girls were at Primrose of Castle Hills and we were thrilled with the care and education they received there. Our younger child started in preschool and ended up in the Private Kindergarten class where her sister had been 2 years earlier. Our girls are polar opposites but both managed to make enormous progress under the careful skill of one the best teachers we have found. We found the preschool teachers really good as well. Great management willing to accommodate parents to ensure the best for the kids.



  • I am really really proud that my kid is a part of Primrose of Castle Hills .She has been going to Primrose for about 2 years now and I never had any regrets ...they are very caring, professional, systematic... Above all they communicate everything to the parents so well ...I look for any activity at school, I would have had an email from the primrose about it in my Inbox already .....I could write a ton about this school :)).. We will miss this school so much after the kindergarten .....Kudos to the team of Primrose of Castle Hills.

    Meena K.


  • I have had an exceptional experience with 3 children at Primrose, Castle Hills. The environment is wonderful, friendly, and always clean with a well developed and successful learning curriculum. My youngest child remains part of the program, having been enrolled as an infant and one of Primrose's successful kindergarten students. The kindergarten program is private, but well worth the investment. The entire staff, from the Director on down, are friendly, caring and compassionate. The staff do a great job informing parents of events and planned activities. Perhaps the best and most recent example of why Primrose is so good comes from my son. It is not uncommon for my son to ask if he can go to Primorose today. He likes being there and he has forged friendships and bonds with other students that have enriched his childhood in a secure, safe and well grounded program. I have always been impressed with the community focus exhibited by Primrose too. Through Primose, the children better understand what it means to care about others, giving them a terrific foundation for social skills. This Castle Hills Primrose is owned and managed by the Chows, who are and remain actively involved in the school and our community. 5 Stars!!!

    Ronald R.


  • We made a great decision. My son started Primrose Castle Hills when he was 2 years old. He is now in 1st grade and still goes to Primrose for their Explorer's Club after school program. I have been extremely satisfied year after year with their teachers and staff. I have never had any worries while my son was in their care. In addition, not only has my son excelled in Public Schools (including being 1 of 2 Kindergarteners that was accepted into the LEAP program) but he also had a really easy transition into Kindergarten since he had been used to "learning" since he was two. I also like the way that Primrose Castle Hills has indirectly fostered a sense of community amongst us parents including our kids playing on the same sports teams etc. 5 stars for this particular Primrose location!



  • We have two boys (5 and 2) at Primrose of Castle Hills who have both attended since they were infants. The older just graduated from the Private Kindergarten class, and the younger is in the Preschool 1 class.Our younger son has had many of the same teachers as his brother, and I feel they have all really gotten to know us as well as our kids. Each class has had a good balance of` nurturing and educational care. Mrs. Braun is an incredibly compassionate director who genuinely cares for each child and family in the school. She regularly shares stories of impressive or funny things she has seen our boys doing throughout the day.The staff often emails me photos of my boys enjoying the day's activities. It definitely makes the work day away from them easier. The Private Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Whitt, gives individual attention to each child, assessing their needs academically and socially. She works well with kids that excel easily and those that need extra help, without ignoring the ones in the middle. We have been really pleased with Primrose of Castle Hills, and our boys are very happy there.

    Randi A.