Primrose School at Cahoon Commons

Parent Testimonials

  • I am a new mom (3months young) and was very fearful of sending my child to a day care facility. I drove pass Primrose Cahoon Commons several times while pregnant and was amazed at the outside appearance of the school. Then one day, I told my s/o that I may have to get a private sitter. We attempted to hire someone but that was an awful experience. So, Kalvin (my s/o) came home and asked had I seen the school by Walmart & Wendy's. I told him no but then I realized that was the same place I drove pass often. He told me that he had went in and checked the school out and that I would love it. Sure enough, 7/20/13, I toured the facility and we made the decision to enroll Kason. Since Kason's 1st day we have been very PLEASED with his learning and awareness to his surroundings. I can't begin to ask for a better school to teach & care for my child while I'm at work. The infant teachers are awesome because everyday Kason comes home with a new excitement in his eyes. I am so happy that we found Primrose of Cahoon Commons. I look forward to him growing and progressing through the years at Primrose.

    Shondra M


  • Caleb has excelled at Primrose! I am so pleased with his school that we are waiting to move because we don't want him to attend another preschool. The structure is excellent and the teachers are so warm and caring!



  • Our "first day of school" experience for Noah was slightly non-traditional. His first school bus ride to school was not from home, but from Primrose. Ms. Gill was wonderful!! She led him to the bus, and even took our "first time getting on the real school bus" picture for us, since we couldn't. What a wonderful memory that created for us! We were watching from a distance, but couldn't actually be there with him. This was the next best thing. Thanks so much Ms. Gill and Primrose. We, and our sons, LOVE the entire Primrose experience. Thanks again!!

    Chad L


  • When my daughter Layla was born I knew she had to be cared for when I went back to work. Finding a caregiver that is trustworthy is a very daunting task however I was blessed enough tohave my grandmother available for this service. She took fantastic care of Layla and I never worried while I was away at work. Fast forward four years later and our familywas nowfaced withthe task of finding a facility that would equip Layla with the tools she needed to sucessfully acclimate into a public atmosphere of schooling. My husband did his homework and toured many schools in our immediate area. Hetoured Primrose and instantly fell in love with the environment. He loved the structure, the pristine facility and the interaction of the staff with the students.We went to acouple open houses after that and I too fell in love with theschool. It had such a positive and bright aura about it. Presently, my daughter is enrolled and has been attending Primrose for approximately 2 months. I can already see a change in her maturity level and development. She has the advantage of not only learning the basics but also learning the not so basics such as volunteering, caring, sharing, having a healthy mind and body and so much more. Plus she loves going to school and she loves her classmates even more. Thank you Primrose for taking over where my grandmother left off. I don't have to worry about Layla at all because I KNOW she is in good hands.



  • We joined Primrose almost 1 year ago when we relocated to the Chesapeake, VA area from Dallas, TX. Will is active duty in the Navy and works as an Anesthesiologist for the Naval Hospital in Portsmouth. Will is deploying in a few months and the Primrose staff has already been very supportive. India works at home as a Recruiter for MetLife. <br /> <br /> India and Will are the proud parents of Zoe. Our family is also expecting a baby boy in September! Zoe, our 2 year old daughter, is currently in EPS I. Zoe loves reading, singing, dancing, any outdoor activity, playing with her "buddy" Dupree(our dog) and swimming. We love the Chesapeake area. In our free time, we enjoy meeting new friends and finding family friendly activities. We are currently hosting a fantastic au pair from Thailand, Eve, who will be helping our family while Will is deployed. We love the Primrose staff and we are so appreciative of the wonderful care that Zoe receives everyday. Primrose has made our transition to this area much easier. Zoe is so happy being at Primrose. She speaks so highly of her teachers and looks forward to seeing her friends each day. We love the attention that is given to her and to see her smiling teachers who communicate so well with us daily. Zoe has developed so much thanks to the staff at Primrose!

    India E


  • We would have never thought that Brandt's transition period would have taking as little time as it has being that he comes part-time and also considering he did not take well to others including close family and friends! We give a lot of credit to Ms. Wilson (morning Early Preschool teacher) for the success of his transition! We strongly believe how you start your day, sets the tone for your day. The love and nurturing he continues to receive from Ms. Wilson, Miss Thach, Mrs. Baines and the staff at Primrose School has conditioned Brandt to behave more positively towards individuals in all of his daily interactions outside of Primrose. He feels more comfortable/trusting to interact with individuals (adults) that speak to him or that he comes in contact with, no longer feeling timid or resistant to them or their words.

    Camino S. G