Primrose School Building

Primrose School of 4S Ranch

Parent Testimonials

  • Primrose has been the best decision ever! After 2 years of having a nanny exclusively, it was really hard for all us to do the transition to daycare, the first couple of weeks were rough but now 8 months later, the progress and learning that we see in our son is just beyond amazing, we only regret that we didn’t start earlier. Furthermore the love and care that all of the teachers put into each kid is very admirable, we couldn’t be happier as a family to see our kid grow in every aspect, and to see him happy just going into his classroom!! and we don’t have enough words to say thank you!

    Grace S.


  • Our son has been attending Primrose 4S Ranch for almost 2 months now and we’re very pleased with the experience thus far! The staff is friendly and professional, the campus is clean and tidy, and he is adjusting nicely to being away from home with regularity for the first time in his life. The Procare app makes it easy for us to get updates about his day and stay in contact with his teachers. We are thankful to have found this school and look forward to our son’s advancement into other classes as he gets older.

    Shayan K.


  • We have been so lucky to have found Primrose! Our son has been attending for almost two years, and wow, what progress! He went from being a late talker to a total chatterbox, and loves the predictable routines and room for play in his days at school. We love the lessons and activities, and his teachers are so kind and devoted.

    Meggie M.


  • Primrose has been great for my family. My son started at 18 months old and I've loved watching him grow and learn on daily basis. The staff members are warm and caring and form real bonds with the children. Everyone knows my son's name and he is always happy to go to go to school. I especially LOVE that they provide meals throughout the day. It has really helped my picky eater try new things. And it's SO supportive to me as a working Mom knowing that he is eating healthy food that I don't have to stress about preparing every day.

    Amatece S.


  • We are very pleased with our decision to enroll our boys (3 and 20 months) at Primrose. We have noticed social, physical, emotional, and intellectual development in both of them. Our 3-year-old especially enjoys the time he spends outdoors during school and scooting around on the various ride-on toys. The 20-month-old is a social butterfly and thrives being surrounded by other children his age with a variety of cultural backgrounds. Us parents favor the festivals throughout the year and believe they are a great way for the children to showcase their work and for parents to engage with teachers and other parents, all in a fun environment with food and activities. We definitely recommend this preschool!

    Juliana C.


  • Primrose has been a major part of my son’s development, socialization and JOY. As a new mom, I was terrified to enroll my son in daycare. He started at 10 months and quickly became bonded with his caring and attentive teachers. I also grew to adore and trust his teachers - so much so that I frequently solicit advice from them on feeding, napping, teething- and many other challenges/unknowns that can cause new parent’s stress. There’s so many things I love about this school- I will list them in order of importance to my family. First and foremost, the caring and talented staff. From the owner and Director to the teachers- they truly care about each child and are equipped to handle all situations. Second, the diverse and nutritious daily menu. It’s wonderful to know my son is getting exposed to different foods and eating healthy. Third, the creative curriculum- I’m always amazed at the lessons and activities they have my son doing even though he’s not even two yet! Fourth, the beautiful, big and clean facility. I toured many daycares and Primrose has the best facility. My son is not just thriving developmentally thanks to Primrose- but he’s happy every day to go and see his friends and teachers that he adores at his wonderful Primrose.

    Alison U.


  • My husband and I are both from out of state and have no family here to help care for our son. We researched and toured many childcare places while I was pregnant. When we toured Primrose, it was pleasant and inviting. The facility felt clean and well kept, employees were happy, the kids were happy. The place is larger than it looks and there are many playgrounds for different ages, which our child could enjoy as he grows older. We enrolled our son at Primrose when he was only 9 weeks old because I had to go back to work. He is now 15 months and loves it. He is happy to see his teachers and give them hugs. He stays busy learning new things and we get many pictures of him throughout the day during story time, play, painting, bubbles and music time, to name a few. I love how the teachers care for the kids and we feel like they treat them as their own. The fact that our son enjoys it, smiles, and plays with the other kids is heart warming. Primrose helps the kids learn, develop, and grow. He is doing really well and has learned so much. Also, they provide well balanced meals and snacks, which is something that was important to us when selecting childcare. My husband and I are so happy to have found people we can trust with the care of our son at Primrose School of 4S Ranch. We appreciate every one of the staff and teachers of the Primrose family.

    Alexandria O.


  • What we love most about Primrose: • Friendliness of staff and leadership • Exceptional teachers • Diverse and enriching curriculum • Clean and spacious facility/classrooms • Meals provided - balanced and nutritious variety of foods • Convenient location for North County families

    Tracy S.


  • We have three children attending and we’ve really enjoyed our time at Primrose 4S Ranch. The leadership and staff have been amazing with our kids. We relocated from another state and this was the fourth school our oldest child had attended. Transitions to a new school aren’t always easy, but everyone has gone above and beyond to make the kids feel welcome and well taken care of. The children are excited to go to school everyday and are always learning something new. We are lucky to have found such a great place for our family.

    Brittany F.


  • Our decision to enroll our daughter at Primrose 4S Ranch was a great one. Our daughter very much enjoys her time with her classmates, the interesting and challenging daily activities and especially, the playfulness with all her teachers. She eagerly looks forward to going to school as she joyfully expands her understanding of herself and her interesting world.

    Tilisa C.