Memory Games for Kids (That You Will Actually Enjoy, Too)

Memory Games for Kids (That You Will Actually Enjoy, Too)

Your child’s working memory does more than just remember information; it gives her the ability to put information to use, like following directions or rules and completing multi-step tasks.

Fostering working memory – a critical executive function skill – helps children take on more complex tasks and gives them the opportunity to feel the challenges and rewards of responsibility – an important part of growing up.

Help your child develop her working memory by enjoying these activities together:

  • Make up stories: Start making up a story and ask your child what happens next. Finish the story together!
  • Read out loud: Ask your child to retell a favorite story or what happened during her favorite part of a book. Check out our reading list to get started!
  • Play board games: Practice following the rules of a game and asking your child what step comes next.
  • Do chores together: Have your child help sort and put away laundry, talk through the steps required while washing the dog or have them focus on certain items while cleaning their room (E.g., First, we’re going to put away your blocks. Then, we’re going to make your bed.)

Not only does working memory play a large role in the lives of young children, but it has a big impact on their success as adults. According to a recent national survey, two out of three HR managers say hiring entry-level employees with good executive function skills like working memory, self-control and adaptability is a top priority for their company’s long-term success.   

We have more executive function tips and resources to help you nurture skills like teamwork, critical thinking and problem solving in your child.  

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