6 Life Skills Your Child Needs and How To Develop Them

Two young children playing with a teddy bear in a Primrose classroom.

6 Life Skills Your Child Needs and How To Develop Them

Did you know you can help your child succeed in the future by encouraging a few simple skills at home? The foundation for executive function skills (like problem solving and self-control) is built in the earliest years of a child’s life and can ultimately lead to more success in a future career.

According to a recent survey, executive function skills are more highly valued in entry-level job candidates than technical abilities, academic background and other factors. Here are tips and resources to help foster these important skills: teamwork, adaptability, critical thinking, problem solving, self-control and working memory.

TeamworkTeacher helping children learn teamwork 
Teamwork is an essential skill for every young child to learn – it comes into play in many everyday situations, like during a playdate with a friend or when helping parents or siblings with chores. Encourage your child to strengthen her teamwork skills at home or on-the-go with these tips.
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Thumbnail preview for adaptability for kids videoAdaptability
Adaptability might seem like a skill that is too advanced for a toddler, but it’s actually important to nurture it early in life. Use these activities to help your child learn to adapt. Read More

Primrose students practicing critical thinking skills through dramatic play
Critical Thinking
Critical thinking – the ability to take in new information and determine how best to use it – plays a large role in the lives of young children. Playtime is a great time to naturally focus on this skill, so try these activities to intentionally nurture critical thinking at home. Read More

Thumbnail preview for problem solving for kids videoProblem Solving
All parents want their children to be excellent problem solvers, but did you know that nurturing skills like problem solving early in life can help children become more successful adults? Here are tips for encouraging problem solving at home. Read More

Thumbnail preview for self-control for kids video
Whether it’s an argument between siblings, an angry outburst before bedtime or crying about not getting their way, all children struggle with self-control at some point. Try these activities to help your child build his self-control. Read More

Thumbnail preview for memory for kids videoWorking Memory
Your child’s working memory does more than just help her remember information; it gives her the ability to put information to use, like following directions or rules and completing multi-step tasks. Help your child develop her working memory with these activities. Read More


Executive Function Skills for Kids Infographic


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