Teamwork-Building Games You Can Play Anywhere

Teamwork-Building Games You Can Play Anywhere

Teamwork is an essential skill for every young child to learn – it comes into play in many everyday situations, like during a playdate with a friend or when helping parents or siblings with chores. Learning this skill early – along with other executive function skills – will help your child as she builds relationships and interacts with others.

How can you encourage your child to strengthen her teamwork skills at home or on the go? Here are a few easy ideas:

  • Make it a game: Play a game that requires you and your child to work together. For example, see how high you can build a tower by taking turns stacking blocks or play catch without letting the ball touch the ground.
  • Schedule a group playdate: When children play with others, they practice teamwork as they work together to act out stories and make-believe scenarios. Here are a few tips for planning fun and safe playdates.
  • Play I-spy: Work together to point out as many things as possible that are a certain color or shape. This fun game will keep your child entertained on a walk, in the car, during a grocery shopping trip or while waiting at a doctor’s office.

Although teamwork is important for children at every age, it is also a vital skill to carry into adulthood. In fact, 90 percent of employers believe executive function skills like teamwork and self-control will become increasingly important as society evolves. This post on executive function skills includes more tips and resources to help your child succeed in the future.

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