3 Ways to Improve Your Child’s Memory

3 Ways to Improve Your Child’s Memory

Nurturing your child’s working memory does more than just help him remember information; it fosters his ability to put information into action. Working memory controls learning to follow directions or the rules of a game, as well as completing multi-step tasks.

Working memory is an important executive function skill. This set of skills, which includes teamwork and problem solving, helps children and adults self-regulate (control emotions), work well with others and adapt to new information.

Help develop your child’s working memory by incorporating some of these activities into your time together:

  • Read out loud: After you read a book, ask your child to retell his favorite part of the story and describe his favorite character.
  • Make up stories: Help your child hold information in his working memory by creating a story together.
  • Cook together: Have your child add several ingredients in a specific order, asking him which one needs to be added next. Try these kid-friendly recipes!

Check out more simple tips and resources on how to nurture executive function skills at home!

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