Primrose School at Torrey Peaks

Parent Testimonials

  • A story that makes me smile was actually recently. I came to pick my son up and he had his head down concentrating really really hard on drawing a picture for myself and his Mother. While he was concentrating, his Teacher sat right next to him, encouraging him with his picture drawing and this encouragement not only put a smile to my son's face but also to me! All of this was happening, mind you, while I sneaked into the room to pick him up. This encouragement andpositive attitude by the Teachers of Primrose are testiments to why this school is such agood influence on young ones like me son. Thank you Primrose.

    Anthony M


  • We love Primrose! We left a public preschoolto start attending Primrose and we cannot believe the difference in our daughter. She has really come out of her shell and blossemed. She started at Primrose shy and not wanting to talk much, the loving caring teacher got her talking in no time. We love the curriculum and education she is receiving, as well as the great events and activities hosted. We all feel welcomed and loved at Primrose and love the difference in our daughter more!

    Catt W


  • We love Primrose for more than one reason. Let me count the ways: -The adminstration and management of the school is not only professional, but responsive, friendly and caring! We know that it's hard to work to manage such a successful school that has such high standards, but Amanda and Elaine do a wonderful job. They know all of the parent's names, are friendly and immediately address any issue or question. The teacher turnover seems much lower than the industry standard, and the teachers seem happy in their jobs. This has to be a happy effect of the kind of leadership that Amanda and Elaine provide. We love Amanda and Elaine! -Our son's teacher, Mrs. Tate, is phenomenal. We've seen our son Liam blossom under her compassionate, dedicated, creative and intelligent leadership and teaching style. We think that Liam loves learning in part because he's had such a positive experience in which his teacher so clearly demonstrates that learning is fun. Mrs. Tate is unique in that she sincerely cares about each child in her classroom and tailors her teaching style to the specific needs of each child without impeding the progress of the class. She's full of energy, and uses a very positive approach in redirected unwanted/inappropriate behaviors. We love her! -The school always works to engage and thank parents- whether it's leaving clementines for parents to take on their way to work, hosting a take-home chili dinner, or other fun events, and we so appreciate you!This school is excellence embodied. From the responsiveness that the management always displays, to the skill and enthusiasm that the teachers employ, to the varied and healthful menu, and the cleanliness of the classroom-- this school truly does have it all. Thank you so much!

    Sarah W


  • Primrose has allowed us to feel proud and safe about our daughter. Over the course of 3 years we have seen her excel and learn all while having a great time. She loves the staff like family members and feels excited about school nearly every day. Primrose has prepared her for her next large step into school both emotionally and scholastically. We could not be more happy with the choice we made partnering with Primrose.

    Steve J


  • My son Hunter is 3 and is currently in the Early Pre-school 2 class. He has blossomed since he started attending Primrose, mainly because of his well structured day. I was amazed at how fast he learned his ABC's, he can now count to 26 and spell his name out loud all by himself. We have been working on potty training with Hunter for the past 6 months and he has been challenged in that area. I have been so appreciative that his teachers have been so patient with him and let him do it on his own terms as he just wasn't ready until now. I want to especially thank his teacher Miss Alyssa as she is always so kind to him and Hunter really likes her and talks about her all the time. Miss Alyssa always goes above and beyond and makes the time to write 'Happy Gram messages' for the nice things that Hunter does while at school. I am very appreciative that she acknowledges the positive things that he does. Miss Alyssa is definitely a huge asset to Primrose and I just wanted to make sure it got noticed. Hunter is about to move up a class in the next few weeks and he will miss Miss Alyssa very much!

    Jessie W


  • My daughter Autumn loves going to school & this has been such a great experience for her. The staff is great - especially Ms. Jenn. Ms. Jenn has to be one of the most upbeat, kindhearted people I've met - and I feel so thankful that Autumn gets to spend her time at school with her. As parents know, it's tough leaving your child (especially your baby) with someone you don't really know. Ms. Jenn allows to me leave each morning after dropping her off with a feeling of comfort - knowing that Autumn is being loved & cared for. Thank you, Ms. Jenn!! We couldn't be more grateful!

    Heather S