Primrose School of Tallgrass

Parent Testimonials

  • I needed to find a new daycare environment for my 2 year old son because he was struggling at the school he was at. My five year old daughter wasn't happy about moving with him at first, but was excited to move to a "brand new school!" The very first day we noticed a difference in the behavior of our son. He was much happier and adapted well to the structure and curriculum of the school. My daughter quickly made new friends and came home every day with a new story about her day. The school is beautiful and clean and the staff is welcoming and knowledgeable. I have recommended the school to other parents and friends.

    Allison S.


  • Ruby has been part of the Primrose family since she was 11 weeks old. She started at the Primrose School of Saddle Rock and then moved to the Primrose School of Tallgrass when it opened She just turned three and is in the Preschool 1 class. She just loves her class and her teachers, Mr. Philbrick & Ms. Brown! Ruby is thriving and learning so much! It is exciting to see all the new things she is learning: saying the Pledge of Allegiance, pointing out letters and saying their sounds, writing her name, etc We are so happy with the level of excellence in Ruby’s care & education and we are looking forward to the next few years with Primrose!

    Emily M.


  • Lucas started when he was 10 weeks old. The staff helped me to become a better parent - and taught me a lot about getting him to sleep in his crib, transitioning to food, etc. They often call when Lucas is 'not himself' just to let me know. And they have been very supportive with the recent major changes in our lives. I can see that Lucas is truly loved there, and his development is phenomenal. They make sure to always tell me a cute story of his day - so I can still feel part of it. Thanks Primrose.

    Deborrah S


  • My oldest child joined Primrose at Tallgrass when he turned three. I thought it was time for him to go to a school for socialization, education and the overall school experience. We loved the structure, education, and love that the Primrose staff provided. When we had our second child, we knew Primrose was the best place for our baby. When our baby became extremely sick at eight weeks with a rare heart condition, Primrose surrounded my oldest with love and support while we went through this extremely difficult time. They were there with love and prayers for my entire family during the surgeries, long nights and numerous hospital stays. Primrose worked with us when our youngest was ready to go to the infant class. They worked with his feeding tube, therapists and oxygen tank – never once complaining about the extra work that our son required. I felt secure and relaxed leaving our youngest there; knowing the staff would call when there was an emergency. When our youngest was too sick to stay in private care with other babies, they worked with us again for a smooth transition. I honestly believe that the Primrose staff made this very difficult time in our family's life much easier. I cannot say enough about the love and kindness this school and staff provides my family. When our youngest is well enough to go to school with other children, we will definitely place him at Primrose at Tallgrass. We will keep our oldest there as long as we possibly can. It truly is an amazing experience and we are blessed to have this school and staff in our lives.

    Elizabeth S.


  • We were very blessed to journey upon Primrose Tallgrass. We have been a Primrose family for a short time, but the love, attention, and respect the teaching team and administration team shows our family and more importantly our son makes us feel at home. We believe in Primrose Tallgrass and believe they have our family as well as the other families in midst best interest at heart. Ms Jill and Ms Emily are very communicative and always greet you with a smile. Ms Christy and Ms Monaco have treated our son as if he has been a part of their class forever, and that makes my heart happy because he is our heartbeat. Thank you Primrose Tallgrass Family, and keep up the great work and moving our community forward.

    Ty J.