Primrose School of Suwanee

Parent Testimonials

  • My husband and I cannot say enough wonderful things about this school. From the moment we walked in, they have worked with us to help ensure as smooth transition as possible for both of our adopted toddlers, who were faced with a new home and a new school. Both have thrived in this environment, and love all their teachers in both of their classes. We cannot be more pleased with having our children enrolled at the Suwanee location!!!

    Jennifer B.


  • We have been part of the Primrose family for almost three years now. My son started going to Primrose when he was two. He is now almost 5, and currently attends their Private Pre-K program. I can’t express how wonderful the Primrose School of Suwanee is, from the staff to the curriculum. They have been wonderful since the day my son started. The school has a positive learning environment where education and fun go hand in hand. This school is truly one of a kind.

    Chasity T.


  • "My son started at Primrose a little after his 1st birthday. Prior to coming to Primrose, I was losing faith in childcare facilities; Primrose was the third daycare in less than a year we had been with! We are still here and that says alot! He is about to begin private Pre-K. I cannot express how wonderful the staff is. I cannot thank them enough for the care and education that they are delivering. They put the children first, and it shows through my son. This is a one of a kind facility! Thank you Suwanee Primrose!

    Shannon H.


  • We began at Primrose School in 2003, when my first son was 6 months old. After a disturbing incident at another daycare, we decided to look at other options for the care of our son. The first time that I walked into Primrose, I felt an amazing peace come over me and knew that this was the place for my child. It was more expensive than some of the other options in the area, but after our previous experience and the peaceful feeling, I knew that we were in the right place. Nicholas acclimated to the Primrose culture immediately and loved the teachers and administrators. We continue to feel like Primrose staff is part of our family. Nicholas is now in 3rd grade and participates in the summer programs. Our second son, Nathan, started at Primrose at 4 months old and grew up with the same teachers and administrators that Nicholas did. Nathan is now in kindergarten after moving through the Primrose Private Pre-K programs (just like his older brother!) and will join Nicholas in the summer programs as an after schooler! We love Primrose and would (and do) recommend this school to anyone who will listen! The Andrews (owners) are amazing and huge supporters of our community! Sabrina and Jan (administrators) - I can not be speak highly enough about these two amazing women! The teachers (who all seem to have been there forever) are all amazing and have made indelible prints on our family and in our hearts. Kudos to everyone at this Primrose School. We love Primrose!

    Carmen R.


  • Our son, Wes Thomas, began attending the after school program at Primrose McGinnis Ferry early August. He absolutely LOVES his after school teacher, Mr. C.J. Wes has such a wonderful time each day...he never wants to leave when it is time to go home in the evenings (and we mean never!). CJ provides constant entertainment to the kids along with teaching them important values such as sportsmanship, sharing, respect, good manners and being kind to one another. It is evident the children respect and trust Mr. CJ. Wes truly feels like he is part of a team at Primrose. This particular facility is truly a little piece of heaven. We are so grateful that Wes (and our other children) love this facility. It is their home away from home and we could not be more proud!

    Lauren T.