Exterior of a Primrose School of Shady Hollow

Primrose School of Shady Hollow

Parent Testimonials

  • Our family is originally from The Woodlands and due to the nature of my husbands work we are having to relocate from the primrose in the woodlands which we love, to a new primrose is south Austin. Luckily, my daughter will hopefully have a teacher she's already known her whole life Ms. Kat! Ms. Kat has been in her life since the beginning and is practically family! She is such a sweet, honest and caring person and I am relieved to know that Ziva will hopefully have someone she knows very well in such a new place! We are so excited for our new lives in Austin, TX and can't wait to try to get Ziva enrolled at Shady Hollow!



  • Our little girl has been attending Primrose since April 2011. She has met so many new friends and has learned so much from Primrose's daily activities. Music class is her favorite! Our experience with Primrose has been nothing but positive. If ever any concerning issues, the Primrose administration handle it immediately. It's also so comforting to know that while we are at work, our child is in a SAFE, positive, fun learning environment. Thanks Primrose for all you do!

    Jaime B.


  • My children have been with the Primrose family for the past five years. There is no other place I would have my children stay. Primrose is not just a incredible school but a loving and nurturing environment filled with people who care about the well being of children. My youngest son had difficulty with eating. He would not eat anything. We took him to a specialist to help with learned to eat but after several months no progress was made. His teachers at Primrose encouraged him on a daily bases to try different foods. They had my son eating foods that only they could get him to eat. They communicated with my husband and I over foods he tried and progress he would make on a daily bases. They were so caring and concerned about his nutrition. He now has a variety of foods that he eats. His focus and participation in class has been an amazing turn around. These teachers went above and beyond to help our little boy strive to achieve success. I can't thank them enough for going that extra mile to help him with his eating problem and he tells me often how much he loves his teachers.

    Tonya K.


  • We lost our home in the Bastrop, TX wildfire. We moved to Shady Hollow on very short notice. Trust-worthy childcare was a top priority for us. From our first inquiry, we were treated with the upmost respect from the Primrose staff. They explained with clear communication all the rules and regulations, but also made it clear they wanted to help our family. After my first visit, I fell in love with their kindness, compassion, and love for the children. My preschool age son enrolled immediately. My kindergartener had an after school program lined up, but it fell through. I called Primrose in a panic. They found a spot for him. We never have an issue leaving our children here, and they always look forward to going. Thanks to Primrose of Shady Hollow for being such a blessing to our family!

    Amanda B.


  • Our 2 year old daughter attends Primrose three days a week. Every day she goes, we ask her if she is ready to go to school. She yells "School!" and runs around excitedly to find her shoes and socks. She obviously loves going there and she learns so much each day. Her teachers are so warm and caring; she is very comfortable with them and we know she is being well looked after. They've made us feel completely at ease with sending our daughter to a daycare. Eventually, her little brother will also be enrolled once he is a toddler. We love Primrose!

    Melissa A.


  • Searching for the perfect preschool for your son can be a big homework, so I asked for help. I called my friends with kids, and sure enough they both had their kids in Primrose. I didn't hesitate to make the decision, and it's being a pleasant experience. The level of communication, and the balanced learning Primrose offers is exceptional. The music class is a plus! It's a interactive way for them to learn, and have fun. I even listened to the CD in my car when I need to relax. The staff is caring, warm, and understanding. Thank you, Primrose!

    Wanda V.