Primrose School of Round Rock at Forest Creek

Parent Testimonials

  • My husband and I had been searching for the perfect place for our daughter. We tried a few places and it never worked out until we found Primrose at Forest Creek, Carrie Artus and Ashley Trejo make us feel like we are family. Mrs. Artus is a no nonsense kind of lady which makes me feel 100 percent comfortable and safe with my daughter being their. She is the kind of women that will protect your children with all she has she is truly AMAZING! We love Mrs Trejo as well she always makes us feel so welcome when we come in, Our daughter remembers her every day and runs and hugs her. The others are Johannah Dailey she is AWESOME when we get to school in the AM my daughter gets so excited to see her and says her name very well. Her everyday teachers are Ana Swain and Rena Wade these ladies are truly a blessing , my daughter say Nena when she is trying to say Rena its so cute and very heart warming. Also I cant forget Mrs. Kim she takes tons of pictures and sends them to me everyday! I love when I get her emails! I cant thank all of these ladies enough they are a part of our family now and forever! I have never felt more comfortable and at ease. I am so happy that we found this preschool! We will never be able to take her to another school they have really made our daughter a very happy little girl. She learns so much and comes home everyday with something new she has learned. Everyday is exciting and fun for her I just love this place so much I cant ever explain into words the things they have done for us.!!!

    Terri O.


  • I can tell the difference in my child since she has started primrose. She surprised us by spelling her name one month after she started. I attribute that to primrose. She is spelling and writing at 4! We love primrose.

    Alicia C.


  • I absolutely LOVE the staff and kids at Primrose Forest Creek!! They have welcomed our company into their school to help enrich the lives of all their students and the relationships we have built overall are irreplaceable!! As a Coach, I feel very fortunate to be a small part in the growing success of this school!

    Coach SuperStar


  • "Hello Friends! We are the Herzi's. My husband Dahir and I have relocated to Round rock, Tx from Boston, Ma in 2007. We welcomed our first daughter Teha, September 2009 who is currently in Preschool 1. We were thrilled to have our newborn daughter, Marian, join the Primrose family too. When Ms. Artus called us letting us know there was an opening in the infants class, it was like Christmas all over again. We couldn't wait for Marian to experience the love and guidance that Primrose has given Teha. We also love getting emails with cute pictures from Mrs. Kim updating us on what activities the girls have participated in. It always brightens our day! We are glad to be apart of the Primrose Family!"

    Dana H.


  • My son has only been with Primrose for about a week. I can already see that he is going to enjoy himself here. We are always welcomed with a warm smile and friendly faces. All of the teachers show true dedication and love to all of the kiddos. I love that Primrose always keeps the school, along with the toys, very clean and well kept. As a full time student i am always busy with school work during the day, having my son at Primrose i can concentrate on my work knowing that he is in the best care. The staff at Primrose of Round Rock at Forest Creek is like our second family. We heart Primrose! :)

    Marissa J.


  • The entire staff of Primrose at Forest Creek is awesome and really cares. Our son started at primrose when we returned to the US after 2.5 years of international assignment. He would cry non stop because he missed his old school and was in cultural shock. Primrose teachers, esp Ms Carrie Artus, went out of the way to make my son comfortable till he started going to school wearing a big smile. Ms Artus is very approachable and is a great coach for both kids and parents. I would recommend primrose to those who prefer well rounded development their children because primrose offers the right balance of academic and social education to kids. In the last 1 year, we have seen great improvements in our son both academically and socially. Thank you Primrose and Ms Artus.

    Meenu P.