Primrose School of Round Rock at Forest Creek

Our Staff

  • Ms. Taylor, District Manager

    Ms. Taylor

    District Manager

    Greetings! My name is Taylor. My passion for working with young children has always driven me to be a successful teacher. My initial motivation was working in healthcare as a pediatric physician which prompted me to begin taking emergency medicine classes. I conducted my hospital and ambulance rounds before taking a position as an assistant teacher in Houston, TX. I found so much fulfillment in that profession that I was inspired to start to take child development classes shortly after. I received my bachelor’s degree in Human Development and Family Sciences with a focus on Child Development in 2014. During my time in school, I worked my way from a toddler lead teacher to an assistant director for another private preschool in Austin. I was drawn to Primrose because of the excellent reputation and true passion of each person I met during a visit to the school. In my free time, I enjoy exploring new parks with my husband, Daniel, and our son Hudson. We are foodies that love trying new restaurants and shops in the area. I am looking forward to the new opportunity and the new challenge. I cannot wait to help each one of you to grow in your career as I have grown.

  • Ms. Lindsay, School Director

    Ms. Lindsay

    School Director

    My name is Lindsay and I am so excited about becoming part of the Primrose Round Rock Family. I am a two-time graduate from Virginia Tech **Go Hokies** with a BS in Psychology and a MaEd in Educational Psychology. Five years ago, we moved to Texas from Virginia so I could pursue my PhD in Cognition, Intelligence, and Development at A&M. I began teaching preschool while taking classes and the universe completely redirected my goals; I shortly began designing a custom curriculum for a small preschool in Bryan, TX. I later became AD and eventually Director until my husband, Brian, accepted the branch manager position at the Enterprise in Georgetown causing us to relocate to Hutto where we live with our two daughters: Sawyer (2) and Hadley (4months). I love to spend any time I have outdoors, at parks or walking trails, and really enjoy cooking/baking with Sawyer when we aren’t playing dinosaurs or baby doll trains. I am so fortunate to find a preschool that has the same values and educational goals that I do, and I look forward to our future together!

  • Ms. Hypatia, Director of Admissions

    Ms. Hypatia

    Director of Admissions

    "Hello! My name is Hypatia! I was born and raised in Austin Texas. I’m a loving wife and mother of two beautiful babies, Genesis and Gabriel. I have a big heart and I strive to do everything I do to the best of my abilities. I love to learn, develop, and strive in everything I do. I believe that children are the future and if you can really look into their eyes you can see a world of endless hope and possibility. I also believe that if you can see a child, for more than just a child, you can encourage them to develop into anything they aspire to be. I love helping both people and children develop and strive in every aspect! I am honored and thrilled to be apart of the Primrose family and I cannot wait to meet you"

  • Ms. Erin, Director of Operations

    Ms. Erin

    Director of Operations

    Hello! My name is Erin Burrows! I am new to the Round Rock area and grew up in Dallas, Texas! I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Community, Family and Addiction Science from Texas Tech University! I have worked with children for many years and have always had a heart for helping others. I am family oriented, a dog lover and always willing to keep learning and growing! I am so happy to be here and to get to know all of you!

  • Ms. Shay, Office Assistant

    Ms. Shay

    Office Assistant

    Hey y’all! My name is Shalynn, but I usually go by Shay. I am originally from California, but have lived in Texas since 2017. I started working here at Primrose in 2019, and it’s been the best decision I made. I started as a support, worked my way to a lead in different classrooms and now I am the Office Assistant. I adore all the children I get to work with, and love getting to know them and their families. This school has become a home to me, and I hope it does to you as well!


  • Ms. Jesse, Chef

    Ms. Jesse


    Hello my name is Jessica. I was born and raised right here in the Austin area. I've always had a love for cooking and baking. I learned young from my family how to cook. Deciding to go to Culinary Arts school was a no brainer. I've always had a big family and growing up as one of the first few grandkids we were always watching the younger children so I've always known how much I love children. At the moment, I only have two cats and two dogs, they are my fur-babies. In my free time from work will still find me either in my kitchen or out back at the smoker. I love doing BBQ competitions with my father and brother. And I'm excited to be in the Primrose family!

    Jessica Duran

  • Ms. Courtney, Infant Teacher

    Ms. Courtney

    Infant Teacher

    Hello, my name is Courtney. I have had a strong passion for children for as long as I can remember. I have always worked with children growing up whether it was helping out in the church nursery or babysitting. I got my associates degree in early childhood education in 2011, and was a lead infant teacher for the past six years. Recently my husband and I relocated here to Round Rock from Syracuse New York. I have been married for almost two years and cannot wait for many more. I enjoy spending time with family and experimenting with cooking. I am excited to be a part of the Primrose team in the infant classroom!

  • Ms. Danielle, Toddler Teacher

    Ms. Danielle

    Toddler Teacher

    Hello everyone! My name is Danielle. I was born in Virginia but grew up in Manor, Tx. I recently relocated to Round Rock, coming on two years now. I grew up the middle child of nine, always surrounded by laughter and love, which is something I’ve always been able to give out. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve wanted to be a teacher. I’ve been in early childhood education for about a year now, and it’s been so much more than I thought it would be. I’m so excited to be able to take it to a further level here, with Primrose. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be in you, and your children’s lives!

  • Ms. Alicia, Toddler Teacher

    Ms. Alicia

    Toddler Teacher

    Hello my name is Ms. Alicia. I was born and raised in Austin, Tx. I am excited to be working here at Primrose and I look forward to watching your children grow and learn!

  • Ms. Carolina, Toddler Teacher

    Ms. Carolina

    Toddler Teacher

    Hello! My name is Carolina and I was born in Round Rock and have lived in Hutto my whole life GO HIPPOS! I am passionate and excited about working with children and seeing them grow. In my free time I love baking, crafting and hiking

  • Ms. Kristina, Early Preschool Teacher

    Ms. Kristina

    Early Preschool Teacher

    Hello, my name is Kristina or as many of the students call me Nina. I started at Primrose March of 2017! I grew up in the Round Rock area. I am a mom. My son has been attending Primrose since he was in preschool. I am passionate about working with children and love watching them learn and grow! 

  • Ms. Alexa, Early Preschool Teacher

    Ms. Alexa

    Early Preschool Teacher

    Hi! My name is Alexa and  I’m so grateful to have found a home in the EP1 classroom as the assistant teacher. When I’m not at primrose, I enjoy shopping and spending time with my family. I chose Primrose, because I love being part of a school that will go above and beyond for its students and teachers. Primrose is an amazing place for children to learn and grow, all the teachers amaze me with how much they genuinely care about not only our amazing families but also for each other!  

  • Ms. Alyssa, Preschool Teacher

    Ms. Alyssa

    Preschool Teacher

    My name is Alyssa Iannone. I am a graduate of Taylor High School from the small town of Taylor Texas. I enjoy spending time with friends and family and painting when I have free time. I’ve worked with children as an after school teacher as well as a a gymnastics coach! I am very passionate about working with kids any age. My goal is to go back to school to be an elementary school teacher! I come from working as a dental assistant and I found myself missing working with children when I would clean the kids teeth! I am so excited to be a part of Primrose and to watch the children grow!

  • Ms. Cristina, Preschool Pathways Teacher

    Ms. Cristina

    Preschool Pathways Teacher

    Hi! My name is Cristina Torrez. I was born and raised here in Austin, Texas. I graduated from Pflugerville High School in 2020 and I’m currently pursuing a masters degree in Early Childhood Education. I’ve always had a passion for teaching and found out in high school through Ready Set Teach that I wanted to pursue my passion! Each child has a very unique personality and I’m so glad that I get to be apart of their learning experience here at Primrose.

  • Ms. Darian, Preschool Pathways Teacher

    Ms. Darian

    Preschool Pathways Teacher

    Hi my name is Darian I am 25 years old I was born in Jacksonville Florida but I was raised in Hutto/Pflugerville area I am the oldest of 4 children and have known since I was little that I wanted to work with children. I have been in child care for 4 years and it’s something I love doing. I don’t have kids yet but I plan on having a lot! I am proud to be a dog mom for now. On my spare time I love spending time with my family and boyfriend we love watching movies and taking our dog Koda on lots of walks. I also love food but I am allergic to peanuts.

  • Ms. Tamara, Preschool Teacher

    Ms. Tamara

    Preschool Teacher

    My name is Tamara Hodge, and I am a support teacher here at Primrose. I have been working at this school for 14 years and during that time I was a lead/co-lead teacher in many of the classes from Infants all the way to Preschool 1. As a part time teacher now, I get a little of every class and I love it! It is great working in such a family-oriented environment with each of you every day. I am a mom and a wife. My son Colin has been attending Primrose since he was 18 months and really enjoys being here. Together with my husband, Ted, we spend time with family and friends. We love to BBQ together, go to car races, movies, and trail riding. We love living in round rock!

  • Ms. Nyesha, Preschool Teacher

    Ms. Nyesha

    Preschool Teacher

    Hi, my name is Nyesha! I was born in Georgetown, Tx but grew up in Round Rock for most of my life. In my free time, I love to do arts & crafts projects, take care of my plants, and spend time with my family and my dog, Ritz! As a child, I had always wanted to be a teacher and now I am doing what I love the most! I have had the amazing opportunity to teach for the past 5 years and I love everything about it! Seeing the progress and the smiles on my students’ faces is what helps motivate me to go above and beyond for all my students. I am blessed to work with such an amazing team of teachers at Primrose.

  • Ms. Alyssa, Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

    Ms. Alyssa

    Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

    Hi! My name is Alyssa Flores and I was born here in Austin Texas but lived in Japan for most of my childhood and moved back to the US in 2013, and when I got back I was introduced to lots of my baby cousins I’ve never met before and ever since then I’ve gained a passion for children and I realized I wanted to shape their young minds to becoming the best they can be. From then on working with children was what I wanted to do with my life and I was sure to work everyday to reach that goal by babysitting every chance I got and talking so many child development classes in high school. So thank you for helping me reach my goals and letting me learn and experience new things by caring for your amazing children. They are teaching me more then I’m teaching them and I couldn’t be happier.

  • Ms. Meghan, Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

    Ms. Meghan

    Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

    My name is Meghan. I was born in New York and moved to Texas in 2013. After working as a special education aide for 2 years. I realized how much I enjoyed working with children. I am so excited to be a part of the Primrose team!

  • Ms. Alexis, Explorer Teacher

    Ms. Alexis

    Explorer Teacher

    Hello! My name is Ms. Alexis! I was born and raised in Taylor, Texas! I knew I had a passion for working with children when I became a substitute teacher for Taylor ISD. My interests are fishing, hiking, spending time with my family, and playing with my fur baby Benji. I’m so happy I am able to educate your child, and become a role model in their everyday lives. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your children’s lives!


  • Ms. Jacky, Support Teacher

    Ms. Jacky

    Support Teacher

    Hello everyone, My name is Jacky. I’m so excited to be working here at Primrose as a Early Preschool teacher. I have lived in Texas for most of my life and I truly enjoy spending time with family. I am recently a new mom and have a beautiful baby boy whom I love so much. During my free time I love to make new crafts and work on new projects. I am very excited to begin this journey and watch your children grow and learn everyday.

  • Ms. Elise, Preschool Teacher

    Ms. Elise

    Preschool Teacher

    Hi, I am Elise Flanders! I've lived in Round Rock my whole life. I love spending my free time with my family as well as traveling, painting, and reading. I am so happy to be working here at Primrose!

  • Ms. Robin, Support Teacher

    Ms. Robin

    Support Teacher

    Hi, my name is Robin,and I have been at the Forest Creek Primrose for almost 6 years.My fiance and I moved to Austin from Pennsylvania 7 years ago.

    I started working at Primrose at Four Points,and loved working with the children! When we moved to Pflugerville, l was happy to transfer to the Forest Creek location. I would have to say my favorite part of my job is getting to really know the children in my class,and getting to see how much they grow,both socially and academically throughout the year!


  • Ms. Madison, Support Teacher

    Ms. Madison

    Support Teacher

    Hello my name is Madison and I recently moved from Corpus Christi, Texas. Some of my favorite things to do include reading, painting, and anything involving nature. I love the beach and river and I often go on trips to spend time with my siblings and family. I’m very excited to begin my journey at Primrose, as I’m already surrounded by thoughtful coworkers and children everyday!

  • Ms. Ashley, Support Teacher

    Ms. Ashley

    Support Teacher

    Hello! My name is Ashley, and I am from Georgia but after I left the Marine Corps my husband and I decided to live in North Carolina for 6 years where I have worked with youth from 6 weeks to 12 years old. I have two little boys and am currently going to school for Human Services in Case Management. I try to make it my goal to grow every day and bring those around me on that learning adventure! I love watching children shine and grow and I’m excited to be here to facilitate them in any way I can.

  • Ms. Aleida, Support Teacher

    Ms. Aleida

    Support Teacher

    Hello! My name is Aleida. I was born in Dallas Texas but raised in Mexico. Currently, I live here in Round Rock Texas. I have always like kids of all ages. Kids in general all very adorable. I strongly believe that a child’s early years are the foundation for his or her future, and it will be an honor to contribute in their journey. During my free time, I really enjoy dancing folclor mexicano, bike rides, drinking coffee and reading books. I'm glad to be part of this team and this experience.

  • Ms. Ava, Support Teacher

    Ms. Ava

    Support Teacher

    Hello! My name is Ava. I’ve lived in Texas my whole life but I love to travel. I also love books, music, my two dogs and of course working with kids which has been my dream for as long as I can remember. I look forward to getting to know you and your children and giving them the foundation to be happy, healthy, and successful as they grow.

  • Ms. Astrid, Support Teacher

    Ms. Astrid

    Support Teacher

    Hi! i’m Ms. Astrid, I also go by Aj. I was born in Los Ángeles, California, but i was raised in Mexico and Austin, I am very passionate about fitness, music, dancing, and traveling. I enjoy helping others and spending time with my family and my long list of cousins. Growing up I had to take the responsibility of raising my brother along with my mom, although it was not an easy journey I learned so much from it and I want to take all my skills and use them to help other children grow! I plan on continuing my education out of the country in a private college in my hometown in México, majoring in biology and psychological science, aspiring a dental medicine degree. In the mean time i am so grateful to to be at Primrose surrounded by things I love, especially kids! 

  • Ms. Alana, Support Teacher

    Ms. Alana

    Support Teacher

    Hi! My name is Ms. Alana! I was born in Cincinnati but moved to Behon when I was young. After babysitting a bit as a teenager I realized I loved working with children. I am so happy to be apart of the Primrose team!

  • Ms. Ana, Support Teacher

    Ms. Ana

    Support Teacher

    My name is Anaeli Valdes, I was born on May 25, 2000 in Havana, Cuba.  I have been living in the United States for 6 years, 3 in Miami and 3 in Texas.  I enjoy living here.  My dream has always been to be a teacher for young children.  I really like ice cream, animals, swimming and listening to music.  I speak two languages Spanish and English.  I started my studies in 2018 and finished them in 2020, graduating as a medical assistant!

  • Kevin and Reena Bhakta, Franchise Owner

    Kevin and Reena Bhakta

    Franchise Owners

    Hello, we are Kevin and Reena Bhakta, the proud Franchise Owners of the new Primrose School of Round Rock at Forest Creek. As parents, we value the importance of the high-quality, educational childcare that Primrose Schools provides.

    We experienced the unmatched education Primrose delivers after searching for a child care option for our own child. The friendly teachers and warm, home-like atmosphere were an added bonus to the well-rounded curriculum and teacher guidance we were looking for in a school.

    We left our professions as a CPA and a Pharmacist to handle daily operations at the school full-time. Together, we will work to uphold the outstanding reputation Primrose has earned in the area.

    We are devoted to bringing the best possible child care experience to the community and providing children with a solid foundation to excel in the future. We understand the importance of instilling a love of learning throughout a child’s early years, and we believe this is essential to building a new generation of bright citizens.

    We look forward to meeting you!

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