Primrose School of Pearland

Parent Testimonials

  • We feel so fortunate to have found Primrose to care for our children. Our 6 year old, 2 1/2 year old and 7 month old are enjoying their days at Primrose and are thriving with the gentle and kind care they receive. All the staff appear to know all three of my children, regardless of whether they work in that classroom, and my children respond so well to the teachers. In the classroom, the teachers/care givers remain consistent. Every time I walk into the 6 year old and 2 1/2 year old's classrooms, there is a quiet roar of activity and the kids are engaged and interacting well with each other. On the playground, I have observed the teachers playing with the children, not just simply standing around (and even in the hot Texas summer.) When my 2 1/2 year old transitioned to the next classroom in the beginning of June, we were excited but also sad that he wouldn't be with all of the same teachers we have come to treasure. But what really has comforted me as of late is to see how the care givers in the infant room respond to all of the babies and how they interact with me. My daughter began daycare at 6 months and the transition has been smooth. The care givers seem to really know her. I have been called when it appeared she wasn't feeling well despite the fact she didn't have a fever (which I very much appreciated.) There was a time when we had issues with the 2 year old and biting, and I couldn't have asked for a more appropriate response from the director. The interaction with management and teachers enables me to monitor how my children are doing and adjust as needed to better meet their needs. We are very happy to have our children here.

    Marianne P.


  • My oldest son is now 9 and my youngest is 4. My oldest started at Primrose on CR 94 in Pearland when he was 4 months old. As a family, we have been at this Primrose location for 9 years - my youngest will start Kindergarten at public school in the Fall of 2013. The people at this school have become family to us! When my oldest left Primrose to start Kindergarten, he was MORE than ready for school and the transition was so easy for us. I expect the same experience for my youngest son. We love Primrose because of the teaching, the structured environment, the fun during the summers and the loving hands that the owners/management have selected to care for our children. I know I can go about my work/business/day because my children are being cared for so well and I know they will be well prepared for school when that time comes. Thank you Primrose!

    Stacy V.


  • Where to leave our children while my wife and I went to work was a very hard decision to make until we visited Primrose of Pearland on C.R. 94. There are three things that made this decision easy for us. First, the management team is excellent. They are all friendly and very organized. Second, the facility is extremely clean. Third and most important are the teachers. We have had all three of our children attend this location and all of the teachers have been wonderful and caring. We have been happy with our decision on this location.



  • ‘A’ has been going to Primrose for 3 years; spanning pre-K to afterschool and ‘summer camp’. She loves it, and as parents we are very pleased with the care and teaching she has received there. The staff/management reaches out and is very receptive to parents. She started public school remarkably ahead of the public curriculum and we believe that is, in part, a testament to the value of Primrose and the quality of this location. The school has secured access and the exterior is camera monitored/recorded full time. Teachers/care givers—and the outstanding kitchen staff—seem to be valued and retained long term compared to alternatives. We consider everyone at this location family.



  • Primrose is a perfect place for my son, my first son graduated from Primrose last year and my second is enrolled. We have been extremely pleased with her teachers, the curriculum and the family friendly environment. The administrative team greets us each day with smile. We are thankful for the positive and encouraging environment that Primrose provides for our child. Thank you, Primrose Pearland!!!



  • Both of our children have attended Primrose since they were infants. We have had such a positive experience in the 6 years we have been here. Our children are happy, have made wonderful friendships and love their teachers. The school management does a fantastic job of running the school, activities and events and keeping the parents informed. Overall, we have been extremely pleased with our time here at Primrose and look forward to more years to come.

    Michele J.