Exterior of a Primrose School of Pearland Parkway

Primrose School of Pearland Parkway

Parent Testimonials

  • We have two kids at Primrose of Pearland Parkway. Our son, who just turned four, and our daughter, age two, have been enrolled since infancy. I can't say enough about the management and teachers at Primrose. They have taught my children more than I thought they were capable of learning at such a young age. Just this morning, my daughter surprised me by showing me that she knows the signs for all of her colors - and she's barely two! My son constantly amazes me with his remarkable vocabulary and his developing math skills. But it's not just the curriculum and academics that are so impressive - it's the life skills and the kindness and consideration for others that are infused into every lesson that really makes what's happening at this school so remarkable. They make the job of being a parent infinitely easier. Thank you, Primrose!

    Cindy F.


  • Primrose of Pearland Parkway has been such a wonderful school and has given my child and our family such a positive experience. They have an exceptional staff, always so kind and friendly, helpful and fun to be around. My child, Eli, has been there for 3 years and this school has gone way above my expectations in educating my child. He will be entering Kindergarten being able to read chapter books and understand 1st grade - 2nd grade math concepts. His teachers have gone above and beyond meeting his needs and challenging him every step of the way. Being a teacher myself, I can not say enough about this school and I am so thankful that we made this choice 3 years ago to begin our child's education at Primrose. We feel like a family at this school! Many thanks goes out to Ms. Boyd, Mrs. Poe, Ms. Jones, Mrs Tammy, Mrs. Kirk, Mrs. Walch, Mrs. Bryan, Mrs. Vasques and all the other teachers and staff for their dedication and hard work! We Love Primrose!

    Cassie P.


  • My child has been coming to Primrose parkway for a year now and I am so happy to have found a school that not only takes care of her needs but allows her the academic education that not many two year olds will ever get to experience. She has learned so much in so little time. She not only knows her ABC's and her Numbers but can recognize them as well. I compare her with my niece which is older and my child has surpassed her in every way not only does she speak clearer but the vocabulary she uses is not the vocabulary of a two year old I look forward to seeing what else she is going to come home saying and the staff is very helpful they have surpassed my expectations in every way.

    Acosta Family


  • My 2 year old son loves his Primrose friends and teachers. He will walk into his class on his own most mornings. Those rough mornings still happen and the teachers will hold and reassure him that I will be back. They take the time each individual child needs to feel safe and secure. Moving into early preschool, he is learning Spanish words! I am so impressed with his expanding vocabulary thanks to Primrose!

    Scheri M.


  • Our oldest child is in one of the preschool classes. One day I asked her, ""What did you learn about today?"" She said, ""Land transportation, water transportation, and air transportation. Land transportation is like a car, truck, or school bus. Water transportation is like a boat, ship, or submarine. Air transportation is like an airplane, helicopter, or balloon. Transportation is to go from one place to another."" My husband and I looked at each other in amazement that she knew the word ""transportation"" and that she had provided us with such a detailed description for being 3 1/2 years old. We also have twins in the infant room. The staff at Primrose of Pearland Parkway were extremely helpful at the end of my pregnancy by bringing my oldest to the car while I was on bedrest and continue to help me everyday by opening doors and carrying at least one of the car seats. One day while I was giving one of the twins her bottle I thought she was waving, but our oldest said, ""No Mommy, she is signing ""milk."" She and her twin sisters are already communicating using sign language! You can tell the teachers love the children. They give the children hugs in the morning and make the transition from parent to teacher easy. I love that our Primrose has parties and parades for most of the holidays, provides a delicious Thanksgiving dinner, and has splash days and other fun activities during the summer. Overall, we have been completely satisfied with Primrose and have recommended it to many of our neighbors and friends.

    Ashlyn B.


  • We have two children who attend Primrose on Pearland Parkway. Our daughter is in the Pre-School class and our son is just about to transition into the Toddler I room. We started at Primrose about two years ago. Our daughter initially started at another childcare facility in the area and although we were happy with the other childcare facility we decided to stop by Primrose one weekend when we saw that they were having an open house. At the time of our visit to Primrose during the open house we had no real intention of switching daycares, we just wanted to see what other options were out there. After doing a tour and finding out more about the curriculum, we really liked what we saw. In comparison to the first childcare facility that we sent our daughter to, Primrose really works with the children in regards to developmental skills and milestones. Primrose is more of educational center rather than just a daycare or childcare facility. The staff and teachers at Primrose are great at creating an environment that children thrive and learn in. We also appreciate the fact that Primrose celebrates diversity. They have a multi-cultural parade and expose the children to different languages like Spanish. Our son started at Primrose at seven weeks old and we have had a great experience with the teachers and the environment provided in the nursery as well. At Primrose we have found that they encourage the children to be independent from day one. The teachers in the nursery really make it a priority to communicate with us about what is going on during the day with our son. It is much easier to go to work as a parent, when you know that your children are well taken care of in your absence. That is the peace of mind Primrose has provided for our family.

    The Recalde Family


  • I cannot say enough good things about the Teachers and Staff at Primrose-Pearland Parkway. You are greeted every time you walk in the door by name. Our son also LOVES all his teachers. They meet him with a hug at the door and that really helps to start his day off the right way, LOVED. He comes home talking about all that he has learned from new Letters and Colors to Stars and Planets. An overall fantastic learning environment!

    Jesika C.